Fujairah Free Zones

Fujairah is located alongside the Gulf of Oman and is the only international airport on the Eastern Coast of the UAE. It is getting acknowledged in the business development field, and there are several ongoing projects in Fujairah. Also, in the fisheries and agriculture sectors, development is getting faster as well. 

The Fujairah Free Zone offers a great lifestyle where you can enjoy multiple activities, either hiking in Fujairah hiking trails or doing water sports in Dibba. The beaches and lush green parks in Fujairah free zone nourish your mind and soul and provide quality life and well-being. Fujairah is one of the best emirates in the UAE to set up a business in its free zones. The reason behind it is its strategic location, as it is the only emirate with access to the Indian Ocean. The economy is improving daily, and several plans for this emirate are already in the queue to be implemented.

Now it will get advanced yet stay true to its culture with the Fujairah 2040 plan on the board. This plan supports urban development and will be a delightful focus on economic growth. It will surely do wonders for this emirate’s future growth and aid the country with regional and municipal level affairs, and this will be the best time for future-minded entrepreneurs to start a business in Fujairah.

About Fujairah Free Zone

Fujairah’s location is a plus point for its further development. It has already come so far in the path of development under the supervision of His Highness Sheikh Hamid Bin Mohammad Al Sharqi. For Business owners and investors, understanding free zones in Fujairah is very important as it will help you establish your business in less time.

Two main free zones are getting acknowledged in Fujairah City and are

  • Fujairah Creative City Free Zone (FCC FZ)
  • Fujairah Free Zone Authority (FFZA)

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

In 2005, Fujairah Creative City Free Zone (FCC FZ) was established under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Hamad Al Sharqi. As the name suggests, the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone widely serves all the creative fields, including education, marketing, consulting, design, technology, and entertainment. It is a well-reputed established free zone in the UAE. A good strategic location with access to major routes for shipping and closer proximity to airports make Fujairah Creative City Free Zone an ideal site for businesses. Starting your business in this free zone ensures that your startup will surely receive support and aid with additional value.

Benefits of Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

Many lucrative benefits come when you are interested in business setup in Fujairah Free Zone. Some of the important benefits offered by this free zone are:

  • Flexible and adjustable business packages
  • No annual audit
  • 100 percent repatriation of profits
  • The registration process takes a few days only
  • 100 percent ownership
  • Physically presence is not mandatory or required to incorporate your company
  • Reach on international levels

Activities offered by Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

Many different categories are provided by the FCC Free Zone for entrepreneurs or businesses, including events, media sectors, consulting, healthcare, and many more. For the Creative City Free Zone, the permitted activities are as follows:

  • Consultancy
  • Education
  • Publishing
  • Information technology
  • New media services
  • Entertainment
  • Design
  • Event management, and many more

Business setup in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

Are you interested in setting up your business in Fujairah? If yes, then you are on the right track. Make sure to have more depth knowledge and expertise from our professional advisors at Emirates Business Setup. The business license process is very straightforward, and you can get it in up to 3 business days. With its strategic location, FCC FZ commences business development and economic growth.

Fujairah Creativity City Free Zone company formation

Creativity City Free Zone in Fujairah provides many business opportunities for expatriates, including the ability to conduct a wide range of freelancing services. The closer proximity to airports allows Fujairah to have access to trade in Africa, Europe, and South Asia.

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone is an excellent option if you desire your business to have a foothold in MENA. Only a few steps to follow for your startup:

  • Choose the business activity
  • Get yourself registered
  • EBS will help you with all paperwork and will make sure to do compliance with Fujairah
  • Secure your land and office space
  • Now, you can apply for the residency permit and visas that are provided to up to 4 by the government.
  • After the residency permit, you can start your business

Choose the right type of license for your business

The license should be chosen rightly related to your business activities before you start your business here in Dubai. The most common type of Fujairah Creative City Free Zone licenses are:

  • Commercial license  The commercial license is issued for trading activities, including wholesale and retail distribution and import & export services. 
  • Professional license – This license is for professional services, including engineering, for doctors, architectural, legal, and other marketing services. 
  • Industrial license – An industrial license is issued to the companies involved in production and manufacturing.

Fujairah Free Zone Authority

Fujairah Free Zone Authority (FFZA) is another free zone in Fujairah that is strengthening the economy and business sector in the UAE. Fujairah Free Zone Authority gives you access to both the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman, which is why many entrepreneurs and business owners choose it. Also, nearby Fujairah International Airport aids business owners that want to start their business by confronting Air cargo links nearby.

Fujairah Free Zone Authority provides easy access to all the Gulf of Arabia, Southeast Asia, and the Red Sea ports. Fujairah Free Zone company formation is a budget-friendly option for all startups in UAE. It offers all business owners a wide range of business licenses with full investment security.

Benefits of Fujairah Free Zone Authority

  • 0% corporate tax and no personal income tax
  • 100% ownership
  • Exemption from customs duties on imported goods
  • Virtual offices availability
  • Flexi desk
  • Furnished offices
  • Ideal warehouses
  • Affordability
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Eco-friendly planning to provide open land
  • Investing methods are cost-efficient
  • Strategic location, closer to airports and seaport
  • Multiple visa options

Why start a business in Fujairah Free Zone Authority?

Fujairah Free Zone Authority

By doing your business in Fujairah Free Zone Authority, you can get multiple access to the neighboring markets by air, land, and sea. You will be able to choose from various investment fields. Fujairah Free Zone Authority also provides efficient investment facilitation and full security investments.

Required documents for Fujairah Free Zone company formation:

  • Passport copies of all the shareholders
  • Visa copies
  • Application form
  • Details about all the shareholders
  • Bank reference letter
  • Proof of certified address

Types of licenses offered by Fujairah Free Zone Authority

Fujairah Free Zone Authority offers a wide range of licenses that you can avail of according to your business activities. Some of the most common types of licenses Fujairah Free Zone Authority offers are:

  • Commercial license (for trading)
  • Service license (for consultancy, accounting, and auditing services)
  • Industrial license (for production and manufacturing)
  • Professional license (engineering, for doctors, or legal profession)

Why recommend Fujairah Free Zone company formation?

The outclasses infrastructure of Fujairah Free Zone helps all the businesses to grow and develop more in a short time. If you are also interested in setting up your business in Fujairah Free Zone, then feel free to request us a solution at info@emiratesbusinesssetup.com. Fujairah has become a wonderland to all foreigners and is now recognized as the best place to start your business with low tax rates. The enormous benefits inspired many entrepreneurs to establish their empires here in UAE. So if you also want to be one of them, the Fujairah Free Zone is the right option to have your startup. Also, you can contact us through our contact form and one of our professional advisor will get back to you in 60 seconds.

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