Sharjah Free Zones

Sharjah, one of the most popular cities in UAE, depict different cultures and developing fast. It has extensive opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their businesses. It has become one of the fastest-growing business economy in the Middle East and North Africa. Due to the close vicinity of a Sharjah International Airport and linked ports on the West and East Coastlines of the Arabian Gulf with direct admission to the Indian Ocean, Sharjah is overtaking Dubai as an affordable choice for setting up a business.

Sharjah is a hub for investors and entrepreneurs to pursue their business dreams in an excellent climate with a huge talent center with the best strategic points. Sharjah Free Zones offer an ideal setting for the establishment of businesses with minimal bureaucratic formalities, which can be a significant draw in this part of the world.

Sharjah Free Zone company formation

The UAE has almost 50 free zones, and Sharjah-based free zones, like those elsewhere in the country, provide tax breaks and other benefits. Though different free zones’ offerings share some common ground, they frequently have a specific area of focus. For example, Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS) focuses on the media and entertainment industries. It is located in Sharjah, well-known for being a cultural arena pioneer. Other Free Zones are also briefly discussed in the article below.

Sharjah’s most recognized free zones are

  • SHAMS Free Zone (Sharjah Media City FZ)
  • Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone (SPC FZ)
  • Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF)
  • Hamriyah Free Zone Authority (HFZ)

Sharjah Media City Free Zone

SHAMS Free Zone is also famous for its other name Sharjah Media City Free Zone. It was launched in 2017 and is the best option for entrepreneurs, investors, and business people to start their businesses on a local and international level with a very reasonable budget. It is preferable in the media field as you can start with very low investments. SHAMS Free Zone is closer to Sharjah International Airport and is just 15 minutes away from Dubai International Airport. SHAMS Free Zone offers more than 200 business activities, including auditing, bookkeeping, publishing, wholesale, and retail.

Benefits of setting up a new business in SHAMS Free Zone

Sharjah Media City Free Zone offers

  • On-site services
  • Flexible arrangements of offices
  • Local and international business growth
  • Affordable and cost-efficient startups
  • 100% remotely registration of your company
  • A diverse range of business activities permits multiple activities under a single license
  • 7 days procedure for registration

Setting up a company in SHAMS Free Zone

The process of business setup in free zones is very straightforward. There are a few steps you might take to set up a new business:

  • Choose your business activity
  • Choose a unique name for your company
  • Complete your registration and all paperwork with the relevant authorities
  • Apply for a business license
  • Opening your bank account
  • Apply for the required visa

Types of licenses offered by SHAMS Free Zone

SHAMS Free Zone issues licenses that are:

  • General license
  • Industrial license
  • Service license
  • Holding license

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone

One of the latest free zones in Sharjah is the Sharjah Publishing City Free zone; it is located on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road with its headquarters in Al Zahia. Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone is best for people who want to pursue their startups with activities including printing, typing, copying, and publishing, but not limited to these business activities. The authorities give you a license to do business, including printing, trading, e-commerce, and other related activities.

Benefits of forming a company in Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone

Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone offers many lucrative benefits to set up a company that are:

  • High-quality accommodations
  • Well-built offices
  • Closest to Dubai International Airport
  • You can get a dual license for Sharjah Free Zone
  • No personal income tax is applied
  • Flexibility
  • Banking options availability
  • 100% company ownership

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

It is one of the best free zones for people who want to trade and are ready to  to start their small businesses with low budget. It has Sharjah International Airport and two seaports, Port Khalid and Port Hamriyah, within a 30 minutes’ drive. Most importantly, like any other place in the world, this free zone also requires authentic documents from the individual to set up a business. It also requires permission from the government authorities before starting a business, depending on the business activities you will carry out.

Sharjah is the 3rd popular city for industrial developmental activities in the UAE, along with the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, that is recognized as the central part of the world’s largest economy and customer service providing zone. More than two million people have access to this zone and work in this amazing dynamic Emirate.

Benefits of starting your business in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone offers

  • Warehouse
  • Huge container parking
  • Labor apartments
  • Good quality accommodation at affordable prices
  • Unlimited workforce
  • Sponsored visas for staff in UAE
  • Storage unit areas

For these reasons, Sharjah Airport International Free Zone is the number one choice for any best companies in the Middle East. It is the best option to get amazing profits and foreign investment ownership with free funding.

Types of licenses offered by SAIF

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone offers trade licenses, service licenses, and industrial licenses. Let’s have a look at what these licenses are.

EBS can assist you with:

Trade license:

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone provides two categories for trade licenses such as:

  • Commercial trading – The commercial license (Standard) allows for the trade, distribution, or warehousing of up to three similar product lines.
  • General trading – This license covers your business with import & export of products, re-export, and warehousing.

Service license:

It allows you to carry out specific services that local authorities may restrict. Only this type of license allows you services like

  • Business consultancy
  • E-commerce
  • Services
  • Shipping
  • Freight forwarding

Industrial license:

It includes

  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Processing
  • Assembling
  • Jewelry manufacturing

Hamriyah Free Zone Authority (HFZA)

Hamriyah Free Zone is one of the oldest industrial areas or zones in Sharjah. It was established in 1995 and has almost completed more than six thousand business registrations from 160+ countries. Al Hamriyah Free Zone has won the “Global Free Zone of the Year Award 2022”. Hamriyah offers a wide range of business services, including commerce, regional, and international.

Al Hamriyah Free Zone Sharjah is expanded across approximately 22 million square meters of commercial and industrial land. Also, a 14-meter deep sea port includes warehouse facilities and channels for business activities. That is why Hamriyah Free Zone is the best choice for business activities, as it offers extensive land, sea, and air transportation. Hamriyah Free Zone gives liberty to all business associates and partners with world-class infrastructure and giving leasing for more than 25 years.

Benefits and facilities offered by HFZA

If you are interested in starting your company set up in Al Hamriyah Free Zone, then you must read these benefits offered by this free zone, as it will surely convince you to make a good choice.

Hamriyah Free Zone offers

Fully ownership

The best benefit of starting your company in the Hamriyah Free Zone is that you will get full ownership of your own company. So no need to split your ownership with the sponsors as it will be 100% full ownership.

No custom duties

No export and custom duties are applied on starting your company in the Hamriyah Free Zone.

Renewable leasess

In Hamriyah Free Zone, you can easily access renewable leases, including long-term and short-term leases.

Labor accommodation

Hamriyah Free Zone offers on-site labor accommodation with well-equipped facilities.

Executive and cost-efficient offices

Hamriyah Free Zone offers more cost-effective options regarding office premises and licensing to support all foreign entrepreneurs and investors at Hamriyah Free Zone. Hamriyah also offers international standard warehouse facilities according to business requirements.

Set up your business in Hamriyah Free Zone

There are simple four steps to follow before starting your own business here in Al Hamriyah Free Zone and are mentioned below:

First, choose your type of license

There is a wide range of licenses offered in the Hamriyah Free Zone, such as:

  • Commercial license
  • General license
  • E-commerce license
  • Industrial license
  • Service license

The first step is to choose your license type according to the business activities that you want to conduct.

Second, choose your legal status type

The second thing is to consider the type of your legal status of your company that you are going to establish as it includes different types such as:

Free Zone Establishment

It refers to a Limited Liability Establishment owned by one individual with independent financial liability and a distinct legal entity.

Free Zone Company

It refers to a Limited Liability Establishment owned by more than one individual or more shareholders with independent financial liability and a distinct legal entity.

Branch or Subsidiary Company

It refers to local company branch or a company that incorporated outside the UAE.

Third, choose your type of facility

The next step is to choose the type of facility you want to work in, including offices, warehouses, and industrial land, as it will depend according to the requirements of the business activities you will conduct.

Register your inquiry with EBS

The final step is registering yourself with Emirates Business Setup by contacting us. EBS offers a wide range of services, and our professional advisors will give you proper assistance that will lead you to start your business quickly. The required documents are as follows:

Documents requirements

The required documents are according to the legal status of the company that you will establish. For a Free Zone Establishment (FZE) or Free Zone Company (FZC), you will need the following:

  • Passport copies of manager or all of the shareholders
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from your current employer
  • Visa copies of shareholders or managers

For establishing a Branch or Subsidiary Company, the required documents are:

  • Parent company’s license copy
  • Certificate of Incorporation of parent’s company
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  • Articles of Association (AoA)
  • Board resolution for starting the branch or subsidiary company
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