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Buying an apartment, house, or another property? Doing business or investing in the UAE? Planning to open an offshore account to manage your funds? UAE banks provide almost every service you are looking for but also it is often considered a complex and costly task for novices. Connect with Emirates business setup and let us assist you in opening your bank account, getting a loan, managing your funds with a UAE offshore account, or any other banking service without getting lost in the process. Our banking services consultancy team is equipped with years of experience and will walk you through every step in the process while saving you time, money, and energy.

The banking system in the UAE is very strong, stable, and innovative. It is regulated by the central bank of the United Arab Emirates. The banks in the UAE provide almost every banking solution you can think of including mortgage services, loans, investment options, bank account solutions such as savings accounts, current accounts, investment accounts, and offshore accounts, online/mobile banking, business banking, asset management solutions, credit/debit cards, and fund transferring between the banks inside the country as well as around the world.

Emirates business setup team is always ready to assist and consult you to go through the formalities required before benefitting from this world-class, solid, and innovative banking system no matter what your requirement is. Our team is well trained and educated to understand our clients’ requirements, consult them about the best options available, and assist them in going through the process smoothly.

Types of Services Provided by the Banks in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates, as one of the world’s most recognized financial hubs, is equipped with a robust banking system with commercial banks, investment banks, industrial banks, and Islamic banks. Over 50 national and foreign banks operate within the UAE providing various types of banking solutions fulfilling the needs of not only UAE nationals, but also foreigners and expatriates.

Bank Accounts

Banks in the UAE offer various types of personal bank accounts such as current accounts and savings accounts for everyday purposes. Even there are various options available for youngsters, students, and joint accounts for those who are looking to open bank accounts for their families. Savings accounts in the UAE usually offer a higher interest rate, but they do not offer checkbooks. Also, UAE banks offer business/corporate banking solutions for those who wish to use banking services for their businesses. These company bank accounts offer a wide range of services fostering ever grooving business sector in the UAE. You can always contact Emirates Business Setup consultants for a free consultation about business banking solutions that suit best for your business requirements.

Loans and Mortgages

Customers of the UAE banks are offered loans for their various requirements such as buying a house, or car or settling previous debt. To obtain these personal loans, customers should meet certain criteria, but it is a straightforward process.

Mortgages are mostly offered for foreign expat borrowers who wish to buy or invest in property. Since UAE has become a major business hub in the world especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi, many foreigners are looking to buy property in these business areas either for living or as an investment. Of course, there are certain criteria and formalities to go through, and sometimes if your employer is smaller or less established, you might face difficulties getting your mortgage even if you are creditworthy but here we are, Emirates Business Setup consultants to assist you to achieve your dreams. 

Offshore Accounts

Offshore bank accounts are a type of account that offer many benefits for foreign expats to manage their money. People who make, or receive international payments frequently are heavily benefitted from this type of account. This is an effective way to save, invest and manage funds while you are abroad. These accounts avoid the necessity to open bank accounts in every country you visit, live or work. For example, people who are planning to go abroad for retirement, make frequent visits to other countries for business, who own properties or income streams from abroad, who have family members living in other countries with your financial support such as children frequently pay for school/university fees or even who get paid in foreign currencies for freelance work can benefit from offshore accounts. Offshore accounts allow you to hold funds and make payments in multiple currencies while giving you access to international expertise and investment advice. With an offshore account, you can keep your funds in one secured location and use the same account every time you move abroad. An offshore account can be used as a central location of your funds connected to your other local accounts. Also, offshore accounts offer attractive tax benefits for holders.

Money Transferring

UAE banks offer money transferring facilities not only within the country but also all over the world. Most local banks in the UAE have correspondent relationships with financial institutions around the world and provide solutions to remit funds worldwide.

Investment Options

As the backbone of a global business hub, UAE’s robust banking system offers many promising investment options such as pension plans with insurance, bonds, and shares. Investing in these plans may require thorough knowledge about them and our most experienced consultants will assist you in considering these options

Payment cards

Almost every bank in the UAE which render personal banking services offer credit/debit card facilities. These cards are now widely accepted all over the UAE and are one of the most secure and easy methods of payment.

Digital Banking Solutions

Dubai, the global business hub boasts one of the most innovative and world-class banking systems in the world which offer digital banking solutions to match today’s world requirements. Now you can manage your transactions, check your account balance, and even open bank accounts online with UAE banks thanks to their innovative approach to providing banking services.

Crypto Currency Investment Options

Cryptocurrency owners now have the opportunity to purchase real estate in Dubai using their cryptocurrency funds. If you are planning to leverage your cryptocurrency on the property market or buy a fantastic apartment, villa, or commercial space in Dubai with cryptocurrency, Emirates Business Setup consultants will assist you in properly making the deal according to the laws in Dubai.

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