Product Registration

Product registration

Product Registration The product which is new to the UAE market must be registered by the Dubai municipality or municipality of a certain emirate to make sure that the product meets consumer standards. Once the products are registered, they do not need to be registered again. The product can be registered by local manufactures or […]

Government Approvals

Government Approvals Dubai

Government Approvals Government department approvals are mandatory for licenses like Foodstuff Trading, Transportation related and Travel agencies to name but a few from the relevant departments. Before approval is given from the relevant department, Emirates Business Setup will send the necessary paperwork as and when needed, so we are sure that approval is obtained. We […]

PRO Services


Pro Services Are you finding it too stressful and hectic to manage your company documentation and paperwork? Our Professional team will oversee all your business requirements, license renewals, amendments, or approvals. Emirates Business Setup also specialize in handling visa applications for your employees, and anything related to your company licensing.

Tax & VAT – Accounting & Auditing

Tax and Accounting

Accounting and auditing Accounting is referred to as the process of recording, classifying, summarising and interpreting the financial transactions, statements to determine the financial position of an organisation. Accounting is also known as the specialised language of the business. Auditing, on the other hand, is referred to as the process of examining the financial records […]