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Make your future bright through the UAE golden visa program, where investors, entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals find their pathway to gain long-term residency in the UAE. 

About Golden Residency Visa in UAE

The golden visa in the UAE is a special long-term permit that allows foreign talents, including investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, outstanding students, and heroes, to live, work, or study in the country with exclusive benefits. The UAE golden visa is usually granted as a 5-year or 10-year residency visa. The eligibility criteria vary according to the field, but the applicant must meet the requirements issued by the government of UAE to secure a golden visa. 

We at Emirates Business Setup help you to obtain your golden visa in UAE. Our priority is to check the eligibility criteria of your profile to closely match the golden visa requirements issued by the UAE government. Don’t get stressed, we are highly experienced with a 100% success rate and are here to help you!   

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Our Dubai Golden Visa Services

Emirates Business Setup offers golden visa services to those who are eligible and able to fulfil the requirements issued by the UAE government.

Golden Visa for Investors

We offer golden visa services to investors. To obtain a 10-year golden visa, you need to invest with a worth AED 2 million in real estate.

Golden Visa for Exceptional Talents

We offer golden visa services to talented people from around the world. To obtain a golden visa, you must be a recognized artist in the world.