Golden Visa

The golden visa was launched in the UAE to give foreign nationals with a 10-year or 5-year resident visa. Generally, resident permits have a validity period of two or three years. this initiative was developed by the government to attract people with special capabilities. This golden visa is suitable for a performer, artist, or anybody with exceptional abilities or for excellence in education. These residents are self-sponsoring. People who have invested $2 million in real estate are also eligible for golden visas Or those that run a thriving firm year after year with an annual audit report of $10 million. The requirements and method vary from case to case. The individual’s spouse and children are included in this category of the UAE golden residency permit program; however, the visa will only be awarded if the individual satisfies the accreditation, patent, publication, and degree criteria in related disciplines. Contact Emirates Business Setup Consultancy for more information.

Documents required.

    1. Passport copy.

    1. ID copy.

    1. Curriculumn Vitae (curriculum vitae) including (contact information, biography, prominent creative works, achievements in the cultural and creative fields).

    1. Copy of current residency visa (if the applicant is a resident of UAE).

    1. Passport size photo must meet the photo guidelines of UAE.


Who can apply for golden visa?

Artist, doctors, researchers, outstanding students and people who invested millions in property.

How to apply for golden visa?

Basically golden visa application process starts from preparing a professional cv which expounds history of applicant and submitting it on portal. Authorities will check and confirm you are eligible for it or not. Once approved then visa process starts.

If one of the partners have golden visa will the other partner or kids are eligible for golden visa?

Yes. They will be eligible for golden visa but proper attested certificate has to submit.

What is the benefits of golden visa?

Golden visa is either 5 or 10 years so it offers greater stability and it’s a self sponsored visa. Golden visa holders can stay outside of the UAE for any amount of time without having their visa nullified and they can easily sponsor their family members, including spouses and children regardless of their ages.

How long will it take to get golden visa?

Once all required documents are submitted, initial approval take 2-3 working days and then after cancelling the exist residence visa it will take 5-7 working days to complete the process.

Does golden visa is giving residency permit for a long term?

No, this visa is valid for fixed period after that particular period visa has to be renewed.

Is there any restriction on age ?

No there is age restrictions. Only thing is they should meet the criterias.

We are pleased to announce that the famous Moroccan singer, Dina Lambarki received her 10 years golden visa in UAE. If you also want to achieve this goal, EBS here to serve you. Feel free to contact us or apply for an inquiry and get a call back in just 60 seconds. Extraordinary service, extraordinary you!

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