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When you start your business here in the UAE, you need to obtain a trade license first. There are different types of trade licenses are offered by the UAE government depending on the business activities that you will conduct.

In UAE, renewing your business licenses is a crucial administrative task. We ensure legal compliance and try to avoid any uninterrupted operations. We understand that managing this process can be time-consuming and overwhelming, that is why we are here to assist you.  

With our expertise in Emirates Business Setup, we take care of all the license renewal processes, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. We also offer trade license services, and all business-related services required for company formation in UAE with 100% approval.  

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Our Trade License Renewal Services

Thorough Evaluation

During the evaluation, we need to collect your expired license and establishment card copy. It will give us information regarding your business trade license expiry dates, your local sponsor status, and the nationality of all the shareholders. After carefully reviewing your current licenses, we will ensure you that all necessary documents and requirements are met for a successful renewal.

Checking Documents

Right after evaluation, we will offer a quotation accordingly, as it varies for each license depending upon its business activities. Our experienced team will check and organize all the required documents, including the tenancy contract, local sponsor documents, passport copies, and any additional permits or approvals required for your business type and activities.

Follow Up Receipt

We can submit the complete set of documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED) on your behalf, ensuring compliance with their guidelines and regulations. Our efficient process minimizes the chances of delays or rejections. Any amendments, or any partner change in the license, location, or anything related will also be provided.

Transaction Management

We can handle your entire transaction process with the Department of Economic Development. It includes obtaining a unique transaction number or payment voucher, which serves as a reference for the renewal process. We make sure that all necessary payments are made promptly to avoid any fines or penalties.

How to Renew Your Business License in Dubai?

Renewing your business trade license in the UAE is a simple and crucial process that ensures the continuous operation of your company. To make it easier for you, here are three straightforward steps to follow:

Check Your License Validity

Before initiating the trade license renewal process, check your documents including a passport copy of the license holder if it's six months valid. Also, if your tenancy contract expired, make sure to renew it before submitting your trade license renewal application to the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).

Obtain Necessary Approvals

Government approvals play a vital role in the license renewal process in the UAE. Some business activities require specific approvals such as SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency) approval for businesses involved in security services, and DHA (Dubai Health Authority) approval for businesses in the healthcare sector, such as clinics or medical centers.

Post-License Approvals

Certain approvals may be required after the license renewal, depending on the business activity and regulatory requirements such as Municipality approval for restaurants to meet hygiene and safety standards, RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) approval for businesses offering transportation services or other vehicle rentals may require it for their vehicles.

Submit Your Application

Once you have gathered all the required documents and certifications, you can proceed to submit your trade license renewal application to the DED. You have the option to renew your license offline or online through the convenient auto-renewal available, but it is recommended to do the offline renewal. It offers a faster and more efficient process.

Emirates Business Setup is here for Your Assistance!

To simplify the trade license renewal process, it is highly recommended to seek assistance from a trusted business setup service provider. They have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free renewal experience. At Emirates Business Setup, we specialize in providing comprehensive business setup services. The services including license renewal assistance, business trade licenses, office premises, and many other business-related services. Contact us today and let us make the trade license renewal process easy and simple for your business in the UAE.
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Penalties for Delaying Trade License Renewal

Please note the following penalties related to license renewal in UAE:

Frequently Asked Questions

The company should pay all the dues first to the locals as it is mandatory. Then you need to create an NOC under the company letterhead, before changing the local sponsor. 

It depends on the amendments, if your location is the same you can change it by sending a message but if the location is not the same then need to go through centers. It is a very complex process as you need a lot of documentation so better to ask for guidance.

You should renew your license before it expires. It is usually valid for one year and needs to be renewed every year. If it expires, then there is a grace period of 28 days. After that grace period, you will get a fine each month of 200 AED.

It depends on the validity of your UAE business license, for example, if you have one year of license validity need to renew it every year, if two years of validity then after two years, or if three years of validity then after three years.

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