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Business Setup in Saudi Arabia!

Over the years, Saudi Arabia has become a popular place of interest for almost every investor around the globe. KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is a nation in the Middle East now recognized as a promising business hub and one of the major emerging investment grounds in the world. KSA is known as one of the largest economies in the Arab world. Many foreign investors choose this perfect business platform in the Middle East to invest.

The capital of KSA is Riyadh, where the non-oil business fragments are strengthened by the government that aims to grow more business in KSA in the future. The goal is to provoke all the foreign investors to choose Saudia Arabia over other countries to start their businesses. If you also want to start your business here in KSA, then start your journey with Emirates Business Setup. We will help you to draw the relevant insights before you start your investment.

When we talk about a business setup, it consists of highly professional advisors who provide the best-customized business solutions by taking necessary initiatives whenever required. Emirates business setup provides you with a wide range of business formation services in KSA and across the GCC countries.


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Business Setup Services in GCC Countries

Emirates business setup takes pride in our professional advisors who assist our clients to take the winning path on their company formations and businesses in KSA and across the Middle East. We offer GCC services with accurate information and clearer insight getting it right from the government authorities in the GCC. 

Business License

We offer business license in GCC countries. For example, in KSA, the MOC (Ministry of Commerce) regulates and offer licenses for all professional services. For other GCC countries, the authorities vary.

Bank Account

Our team offer bank account opening services with a wide range of international banks, government entities and corporations across the Middle East. We also offer offshore and onshore bank accounts opening in the GCC.

Residency Visa

We also provide professional services that include visa processing, especially for those who are setting up business in UAE, KSA, Qatar and Oman.

Tax and VAT Registration

Emirates Business Setup offers auditing and tax services . We will assist you in filing VAT return to comply with GAZT (General Authority of Zakat and Tax). We send VAT return calculations to our clients for approval.

Office Space for Lease

When you start your business in any GCC country, in most cases, it is required to get a physical office space. We offer numerous leasing options to select your desired office space in the respective country you are starting your business.

Visa Services in GCC Countries

Employment Visa

It is only granted to individuals that are going to start working in any of the GCC country.

Family visit visa

It can be granted to the family members of a resident already residing in any of the GCC country.

Business visit visa

Business visit visa depends on the type of business license and activities in the respective GCC country.

Spouse Visa

It is only granted to the spouse of residents that are already residing in any of the GCC countries.

Family Residence Visa

It is also granted to the families of residents of respective GCC countries. The requirements vary for each GCC country.

Tourist Visa

It can be granted to anyone. The visa duration totally depends on the conditions. There are different types of tourist visas offered in each GCC country.

Business Setup in Qatar!

Qatar is one the best-developed among gulf countries. It is known for its established infrastructures and luxurious lifestyle. The country is also getting acknowledgment worldwide because of providing the low-cost business setup opportunities, especially in its free zone areas. Every year, thousands of investors around the globe comes to Qatar and start their business journey.

Qatar environment is promising, conducive, and welcoming to foreigners. After Qatar World Cup 2022, there are many opportunities opened for foreigners to invest. It has undergone exceptional growth and development in these years. Emirates Business Setup offers business formation services in Qatar. We encourage you as well to start your business journey in Qatar and achieve success faster!

Our Services in Qatar

Emirates Business Setup offers business setup services including: 

Qatar Doha Mosque

Business Setup in Oman

Oman belongs to a lucrative market for promoting variety of businesses and industries. Investors find Oman as ideal home for doing investments and their businesses. Oman is sharing borders with KSA, UAE, Yemen, Iran and Pakistan. It is famous for its strategical location. It is one of the fastest growing economies amongst the other Arabian countries. The GDP of Oman is increasing since 2018 till now. It increased 2.3% in 2018 and then 3.5% in 2019 and so on. Economic growth of 10% in Oman is expected by 2040.

Government of Oman working diligently to establish the country while offering enormous business opportunities. Oman is trying to encourage more international investors and entrepreneurs to come and start their businesses here. Emirates Business Setup offer all types of business setup services in Oman. Our goal is to start multi-talented entrepreneur’s successful business journey in Oman!