Translation Services

Translation Services

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Emirates Business Setup does high-quality translation services in Dubai and makes your professional document process easier and hassle-free
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EBS experts ensure a hassle-free process by offering high-quality services, including translation, attestation, copywriting, localization, and subtitling. While our clients can focus on going global, we care for all the locals.

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In the modern internet era, high-quality content for marketing communications, taglines, commercials, and advertising is required. And for that purpose, creative writing not only attracts customers but also helps raise people’s awareness about products or services. Companies are always looking for the right copywriter that is knowledgeable enough about the cultural settings to handle their content. Emirates Business Setup is here to help with this. Just contact us, and we will make sure to take care of all!


If we compare translation and localization, then they go together. The translation is the process of translating words from one language to another, and localization is adapting content according to the cultural nuances of a specific region or local market. So, to look and feel native to the local market, the content must be adapted and localized to the target audience. Emirates Business Setup can provide localization services for websites, manuals, apps, and software to help you upgrade your global presence. If you also want to do your localization, then feel free to contact us!


Translation service is changing a written document language into desired or another language. Here at EBS, we provide certified legal translation services for all documents needed for professional requirements. We offer different languages for translation, especially Arabic, English, German, Persian, Russian, Chinese, Italian, and Spanish.
Translation services offer translations of content from one language to the desired language. Here we offer different legally certified translations, including banking statements, translation of certificates, court judgments and orders, arbitration documents, laws and legislations, legal translations of wills and trusts, and others.
It depends on the documents and department of attestation. For Example, if you want to do MOFA attestation, it will cost 250 AED.
Yes, you can get certified legal translation services in UAE. Contact our Emirates Business Setup team advisors, who will help you with translation, attestation, copywriting, and localization.
Yes, we offer translation services for your legal documents and offer different languages, including Arabic, English, German, Persian, Russian, Chinese, Italian, and Spanish.
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