Business Setup in Fujairah Free Zone

Emirates Business Setup can assist you in establishing your Fujairah Free Zone company setup, providing expert guidance and support throughout the process.

Start Your Fujairah Free Zone Company in UAE!

Fujairah is located alongside the Gulf of Oman. Although, it is the only international airport on the Eastern Coast of the UAE. 

Fujairah Free Zone is a great place to start a business in the United Arab Emirates. It’s perfect because it’s in a really good spot—it’s got important shipping routes nearby and connects well to airports and ports. 

Fujairah’s license processing time is a plus point especially for business owners and investors. It takes one week to obtain a business license here in this Emirate. Other reason to do business setup here is its strategic location, as it is the only Emirate with access to the Indian Ocean.

Fujairah has two main free zones that are getting acknowledged for setting up your new businesses in UAE. It includes Fujairah Creative City Free Zone (FCC FZ) and Fujairah Free Zone Authority (FFZA).


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Benefits of Fujairah Free Zone

Many benefits come when you are interested in business setup in Fujairah. Some of the important benefits offered to business owners and investors by this free zone in the UAE are:

100% foreign ownership

World-class Infrastructure

No Annual Audit

Fast Registration Process

24-hours Security

Flexible Business Packages

100% Repatriation Of Profits

No Physical Presence Required

Low Tax Rates

Low Labor Costs

No Currency Restrictions

Warehouse Facilities

Getting a Trade License


The first step to apply for a Fujairah Free Zone license is to choose your business activity and trade name for your company. However, as a business owner after choosing the business activities you can submit your application and documents for approvals. After getting approvals from FFZA, you will receive your business license in one week. You will be able to have many shareholders in most cases.

Fujairah provides a wide range of business trade licenses  depending on your company setup. Such as: