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Lavishness in modern living is to save time and space, as luxury is in each detail. 

About VIP Services

VIP services are not about a service, but that’s more about a celebration. The main goal of VIP services refers to a range of exclusive and high-end services. These services are for customers who want their needs to meet in a personalized manner.  

Emirates Business Setup offers you a wide range of VIP services in Dubai, UAE. Founded in 2022 and is located in Dubai. EBS offers the best VIP services to all our international clients in Dubai. 

The services include private jets, exclusive access to concerts, access to sports events, personal shopping help, booking of luxury hotel rooms, VIP concierge services, and more. 

Emirates Business Setup saves time and energy by removing the stress from your tour to Dubai. We take charge of any task, whether big or small. You can enjoy personalized services and get exclusive privileges with an unmatchable experience.

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Our VIP Services

Emirates Business Setup offers a wide range of VIP services to our valuable clients, such as  

VIP Services in Dubai: Benefits

To get a business trade license or to lease a virtual office, you can carry out all your business operations, as we offer all. You can enjoy your day on a yacht or diving with beautiful sea creatures while we handle all. We provide a range of exclusive and high-end benefits to customers in Dubai, including: 

Luxury Hotel Stays

Dubai is known as home to some of the world's most luxurious hotels such as SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences. With VIP services, you can choose the cuisine of your taste or access exclusive clubs and lounges, private spas, a private swimming pool, or a jacuzzi with a Burj Khalifa view.

Private Jets

Dubai is home to several private jet companies. We offer exclusive booking services in Dubai. It includes private jets, where you can roam around the entire Emirate and enjoy breathtaking views.

Exclusive Access to Events

Dubai is a hub for entertainment and events. We offer VIP tickets to our clients. It includes exclusive access to ongoing concerts, sporting events, and other activities in Dubai.

Luxury Car Rentals

Dubai offers a range of luxury car rental services as it is home to luxurious cars. Emirates Business Setup assists you in getting luxurious cars. You can choose cars with or without dedicated drivers and personal assistants.

Private Tours

Dubai offers private tours with you and your loved ones. We arrange these tours so our clients can experience the city's attractions more personalized.