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SLS Dubai is a hotel brand that aims to provide unique and immersive experiences to its guests. Indeed, the brand is known for offering a luxurious and extraordinary experiences to its guests. The brand collaborates with leading developers, architects, designers, and chefs to create exceptional environments that go beyond traditional luxury.

If you are here to know more about SLS Dubai, then, let’s take an overview of it in this blog in detail!

Introducing SLS Dubai Hotel and Residences

Welcome, wanderers, to a remarkable exploration of SLS – a brand that promises extraordinary experiences around the globe. We will invite you to embark on a journey to discover the wonders of SLS Dubai, an architectural marvel designed by the award-winning architects Aedas and interior designer Paul Bishop. 

Balcony with Burj Khalifa View

Unveiling SLS Dubai

Prepare to be amazed as we reveal a world of limitless possibilities in this extraordinary destination.

*Rising high with 75 floors, SLS Dubai stands tall as one of the tallest hotels and residences in the region, boasting an impressive inventory. *

Among them, you’ll find 254 hotel rooms, 321 hotel apartments, and 371 residential units, each thoughtfully crafted to offer best experience.

Unique ‘Oriel’ design

Drawing inspiration from classic mid-century architecture, SLS Dubai showcases a unique design feature called the ‘oriel’ module. This design element adds a distinct character to the building and overall aesthetic. The facade texture of SLS resembles the intricate pattern of a honeycomb.

Each module is strategically rotated by 45 degrees in four different axes. This rotation serves two purposes:

  • Capturing breathtaking views
  • Ensuring privacy between neighboring units and towers.

The result is a visually stunning architectural masterpiece that combines functionality, privacy, and an unparalleled experience of capturing panoramic views.

A symphony of design

Experience yourself in the architectural wonders created by Aedas, whose visionary touch has transformed SLS Dubai into a true landmark. 

Unparalleled delight

SLS is renowned for its well-crafted delights by talented chefs, offering a culinary journey that will spice up your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Beyond Dubai

While SLS Dubai is an extraordinary gem, the adventure doesn’t end there. SLS Hotels and Residences span the globe, offers you to explore a collection of exceptional destinations. Each SLS hotel branch promises a unique blend of luxury, innovation, and unparalleled hospitality.

Types of Accommodation

Emirates Business Setup in partnership with SLS Dubai offers a range of unit sizes to cater to different preferences and needs. Here are the size ranges for each unit type:


Our studio units provide a comfortable living space ranging from 669 sq. ft to 698 sq. ft. These compact yet well-designed units are ideal for individuals or couples seeking a cozy and efficient living arrangement.

A Studio at SLS Dubai

One Bedroom

Our one-bedroom apartment offers a more spacious option, with sizes ranging from 808 sq. ft. to 1,124 sq. ft. These units provide a separate bedroom, a living area, and a kitchen, offering privacy and functionality for individuals or small families.

One Bedroom Loft

For those looking for a unique living experience, our one-bedroom loft units range from 1,081 sq. ft. to 1,337 sq. ft. These units feature high ceilings, an open layout, and a loft area that can be used as a study or additional living space.

A bathroom picture took inside SLS Dubai Hotel and Residences

One Bedroom Duplex

Our one-bedroom duplex units offer a modern and stylish living environment with sizes ranging from 1,133 sq. ft. to 1,256 sq. ft. These units feature a split-level design, providing a distinctive layout and maximizing the use of space.

One Bedroom Duplex at SLS Dubai Hotel and Residences

Two Bedroom Loft + Family Hall

Our spacious two-bedroom loft units with a family hall offer a generous living area of 1,779 sq. ft. These units provide ample space for families or those desiring extra room for entertaining guests.

Two Bedroom Loft + Family Hall at SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences

Two Bedroom Duplex + Maid Room

Our two-bedroom duplex units with a maid room range from 1,917 sq. ft. to 1,962 sq. ft. These units offer a comfortable and well-designed living space with additional room for a live-in main or flexible usage as per your needs.

Whether you prefer a cozy studio or a spacious two-bedroom unit, SLS Dubai Hotel and Residences team provides a variety of sizes to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences

Amenities at SLS Dubai Hotel and Residences

At SLS Dubai, we have carefully curated a range of bespoke amenities to enhance your luxurious lifestyle. Here are some of the exceptional amenities you can enjoy:

Privilege Pool on the 75th floor

Pool with Burj Khalifa view

Get relaxed at our pool featuring Burj Khalifa views, where you can unwind, soak up the sun, and enjoy moments of tranquility with your loved ones. SLS Dubai overflowing pool is the highest pool in the world as per Guinness world record book.

Swimming pool side at SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences


Pamper yourself at our luxurious spa, where you can indulge in a range of rejuvenating treatments to enhance your well-being.


Experience ultimate relaxation and soothing hydrotherapy in our rejuvenating Jacuzzi, providing a blissful retreat for both body and mind.

Vitamin bar – what is vitamin bar?

Energize and revitalize at our vitamin bar, offering a selection of nutritious and refreshing beverages to boost your vitality.

Vitamin bar at SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences


Stay active and maintain your fitness goals at our state-of-the-art gym, equipped with modern equipment and facilities to cater to all your workout needs.

Smoke and Mirrors Cigar Lounge

In a cigar lounge at SLS Dubai, guests can expect a sophisticated atmosphere that is conducive to enjoying cigars. The lounge features cozy seating arrangements, ambient lighting, and an inviting ambiance. It offers a wide variety of premium cigars from around the world, including both popular and rare selections.

Cigar lounge at SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences

Smoke & Mirrors, as many cigar lounges, has a beautifully appointed humidor, to ensure the cigars are stores in the right condition. Additionally, the team at the venue are always able to recommend the best cigar-beverage pairings and provide assistance with cigar cutting and lighting.

Restaurant side at SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences

Filia restaurant

Filia Cafe, Dubai

Filia offers delicious Mediterranean dishes in a cozy spot. Join us for a delightful culinary adventure. Welcome to a place where every bite feels like full of flavors. Experience the joy of simple yet aesthetic ambiance while dining at Filia.

Filia Cafe, Dubai

Personalized services at SLS Dubai

Personalized services to meet your every need at SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences. Let us spoil you with our additional services including:

Business center services

Stay connected and productive with our comprehensive business center services, including access to computers, printing facilities, and other essential amenities.

Business center

Event management services

At SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences, we offer event management services. Our multi-functional activity room is perfect for hosting various events and gatherings.

The Signature SLS Branded F&B Experience

Our activity room is perfect for hosting various events and gatherings in Dubai. Whether it’s a business meeting, a private celebration, or a social gathering, our team will ensure a memorable experience. we cater all.

SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences


Our housekeeping team ensures that your living space is always clean and comfortable, allowing you to relax and unwind without worrying about house chores.

Dry cleaning

Take advantage of our convenient dry-cleaning services to keep your clothes fresh and well-maintained during your stay.

Valet parking

Leave the hassle of finding parking to us. Our valet parking service ensures that your vehicle is safely parked and readily available whenever you need it.

Exclusive spa

Pamper yourself with our luxurious spa treatments designed to rejuvenate your body and mind. Experience ultimate relaxation and well-being during your stay.

SLS in partnership with Emirates Business Setup!

In a remarkable collaboration, SLS Dubai and Emirates Business Setup have joined forces to offer an exceptional experience tailored to our valued clients.

With a shared commitment to excellence, this partnership aims to provide seamless hotel and any other property services that cater to your every need. We allow you to focus on your business goals as well as your family life in Dubai with complete peace of mind.

Emirates Business Setup brings its extensive expertise in assisting with company formation and setup in the UAE, guiding you through the legal and administrative processes effortlessly.

From business licensing to administrative support, our dedicated team ensures a smooth and efficient journey toward establishing your business setup in UAE.


Where is SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences located?

SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences is located in the Marsi Drive Business Bay, Dubai. It offers convenient access to key attractions and business centers.

What types of accommodations SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences offers?

It offers a range of accommodations including luxurious hotel rooms and suites, as well as fully serviced residences for long-term stays.

What dining options are available in SLS Dubai?

Dining options include signature restaurants such as cafe filia, cigar lounges and bars.

What are some nearby attractions or points of interest?

Nearby attractions include the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain, and various cultural and entertainment venues.

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