Manufacturing Companies in UAE – An Overview 

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The manufacturing companies in Dubai are setting trends in manufacturing sectors. Meanwhile, they are playing a significant role in the economic stability of the UAE. The GDP is growing so fast. The manufacturing sector includes numerous sub-sectors. The sub-sectors include chemicals manufacturing, steel, plastic, FMCG, food and beverages, and many others.

The scope of having success in a new business setup in UAE is not hidden from entrepreneurs around the world. When choosing a manufacturing sector to start your business here, you just need to know that 8% of the GDP accounts for the manufacturing industrial sector in Dubai.  

Let’s discuss in detail the top manufacturing industries in UAE, the process of setting up a new manufacturing company in UAE, the required paperwork for it, the cost related to the manufacturing license, and much more. 

Top manufacturing companies in Dubai 

In Dubai, there are several leading manufacturing companies. The common industries include such as aluminum, chemicals, rubber, plastic, and food and beverages. Some of the most prominent manufacturing companies are mentioned below:

ADNOC Refining

ADNOC is the world’s 12th-largest oil production company. It operates refineries for oil processing and production of refined petroleum products. 

Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding Company

With more than 25 years in UAE, ADSB is one of the top shipyards in the Middle East. It focuses on services such as repair, maintenance, refurbishment, and other advanced technology. 

Emirates Global Aluminium

EGA is one of the largest aluminum producers in the world. It was established in 2013 and specializes in primary aluminum production. 

Aluminum cans moving towards the assembly lane.

Emirates National Oil Company Limited LLC

It provides a wide range of energy products and services across the UAE.

RAK Ceramics

RAK Ceramics is also considered in the list of top manufacturing industries of the UAE. One of the largest ceramics brands worldwide, manufacturing ceramic tiles, sanitaryware, and tableware. 

Agthia Group

Major player in the UAE food and beverage industry, producing water, beverages, dairy products, and more. 


Specializes in the production of high-quality paints, varnishes, and coatings for various applications. 


Manufactures and distributes a wide range of high-quality porcelain tiles and ceramic products.

National Food Products Company

Engages in the production, packaging, and distribution of dairy products, juices, and snacks. 

Dubai Cable Company

Established in 1979, DUCAB is a manufacturer of aluminum and copper wires in UAE. The industries offered by DUCAB include construction, oil and gas, energy, and transport. 

Steps to start a manufacturing company in Dubai 

Starting a manufacturing business in Dubai in 2024 is a wise decision. It involves several key steps. Let’s discuss those steps with detail.

1. Trade name registration 

Firstly, choose a company name and register it. Decide on a unique business name for your manufacturing company. The chosen name should not contain any offensive language. Moreover, your industry company name must include a legal entity like an LLC. Every company is required to officially register their company name with the Registry Office. 

2. Obtain a manufacturing license 

The next step is to apply for an industrial trade license and obtain it. For that reason, you must follow these steps such as: 

  • Gather all the required documents and submit them to the Department of Economic Development. Here, you can secure all necessary pre-approvals. 
  • Once your application has been reviewed by the UAE government, you will be notified. 
  • After getting initial approval, you will be required to create a Memorandum of Association and have all shareholders sign it. Once the MoA has been signed, you must submit the necessary documents and request a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Ministry of Economy. 
  • Now you need to lease an office space for your industrial company.  
  • After leasing an office space, now you need to get planning department approvals from Dubai Municipality. 
  • For industrial clearance, submit all your documents to the Environmental Department.  
  • After getting all the required permits, you are ready to obtain an industrial license in Dubai. Pay the fees to DED and obtain your business license. Now you can start your manufacturing company. 

Emirates Business Setup is here to advise you and guide you through the process. Our business consultants in Dubai help you with the whole process and handle all your paperwork. 

3. Get the residency visa 

After securing a manufacturing license, now you can apply for a UAE residency visa. Emirates Business Setup helps our clients obtain residency visas for business owners and their employees. We also handle family visas for our clients.

4. Open your bank account 

To operate your business in the UAE, it is necessary to have a corporate bank account. It may present some challenges. Nonetheless, the Emirates Business Setup team will dedicate time to understand your specific needs and recommend the most suitable bank for you. 

A worker with helmet working inside the industry.

Documents Checklist 

  • Application form  
  • Passport copies of all shareholders 
  • Passport-size photographs with white background 
  • Pre-approvals from relevant authorities 
  • Balance sheet 
  • Business plan 
  • Trade name reservation proof certificate 
  • Additional permits if needed. 

Benefits of setting up a manufacturing industry in Dubai 

  • Strategic location: Dubai is a prime location for manufacturing industries to reach international markets efficiently.  

  • Business-friendly environment: Dubai offers a business-friendly environment with minimal tax burdens and ease of doing business. This makes it an ideal location for setting up a manufacturing industry.  

  • Infrastructure: Dubai has world-class infrastructure and transportation facilities, including ports, airports, and road networks. It is essential for the smooth operation of manufacturing industries.  

  • Access to raw materials: Dubai has a strong trade network and access to a wide range of raw materials from different parts of the world. It becomes easier for manufacturing industries to source the necessary materials for production.  

  • Skilled workforce: Dubai has a diverse and skilled workforce that can meet the needs of the manufacturing industry. The government also prioritizes education and training programs to ensure a continuous supply of skilled workers in various sectors. 


In conclusion, the manufacturing industry in the UAE serves as a key driver of the country’s economic growth. UAE has positioned itself as a hub for advanced manufacturing technologies and innovation. Additionally, the strategic location of the United Arab Emirates makes it an attractive destination for local and international manufacturers looking to establish their operations. As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve and adapt to global market trends, it is expected to play a significant role in driving the country’s economic development. It will also create job opportunities for its citizens in the future.  

If you are planning to start an industrial company in Dubai, we highly suggest seeking guidance from our experienced business setup consultants in Dubai. Feel free to reach out to us via phone at +971585067175.

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1. What documents are needed to obtain a manufacturing license in UAE? 

To obtain a manufacturing license in the UAE, you need a detailed business plan, company registration documents, a lease agreement for the facility, and environmental and safety NOCs from relevant authorities. 

2. Which industries are leading in the UAE?  

The UAE is on track for steady economic growth in 2024. Its various key sectors such as hospitality, tourism, logistics, real estate, banking, finance, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, consulting, and oil and gas will play a crucial role in driving growth. 

3. Which manufacturing industry is the richest in the UAE? 

International Holding Company is one of the richest industries in the UAE. It is number one in the market with capitalization of approximately AED 897 billion. 

 4. What is the cost of setting up an industrial company in Dubai? 

To start a manufacturing company in the UAE, you need to obtain an industrial license. The cost of obtaining an industrial license can vary. It can start from 35,000 AED. It is advised to contact us. Our consultants will guide you with the cost estimation, the process, and everything.   

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