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Welcome to Emirates Business Setup

Emirates Business Setup founded in 2022, is now recognized as the top business setup consultancy in Dubai and across the UAE. We are based in Dubai and Germany. Our highly experienced business consultants and PRO team help you achieve your business goals in the UAE. 

Emirates Business Setup is a one-shoulder pat for all customer needs. With over 16+ nationalities, we have successfully helped all our international clients relocate from their home countries to UAE.

Entrepreneurs across the globe have built trust in us for their new business setup in Dubai. Over 80% of our clients annually renew their trade licenses with us. Our primary business setup services include corporate banking, PRO services, business trade licensing, relocation services, golden visa services, tax registration, and attestation services in the UAE. We are Emirates Business Setup, Your ONE-STOP SHOP for all your business needs!

What Makes Emirates Business Setup Unique?

Our Expert Team

It is important to have an experienced team when starting your UAE company formation. Any wrong decision will undoubtedly lead you down the wrong path. It is advised to choose the right consultants. Our business consultants guide our clients with all the pros and cons, and that's why we stand out in the market.

Our Transparent Pricing

We do not surprise our clients after they sign up; transparency and integrity are features that make us unique. Each activity, every business license has its own set of constraints and fees imposed by the UAE government. We help our clients by providing detailed depictions and costing before signing any contracts.

Our Business Setup Services

We believe our client is always king. Clients pleased with business setup service are more likely to return. We always solicit feedback from our customers after each service, and we value their feedback to improve! As a result, Emirates Business Setup is the top business setup consultancy in the UAE.

Why Choose Us?

Our Team

Christopher Elliott - Managing Director of Emirates Business Setup

Christopher Elliott

Managing Director

Ruzy Marzan - Business Service Manager working with Emirates Business Setup in Dubai

Ruzy Marzan

Business Service Manager

Rahees Ashraf - Business Development Manager working with Emirates Business Setup in Dubai

Rahees Ashraf

Development Manager

Moneeb - Pakistani and head of IT at Emirates Business Setup

Muhammad Moneeb

Head of IT & Web Developer

Isura Abeysinghe - Marketing Expert working with Emirates Business Setup in Dubai

Isura Abeysinghe

Digital Marketing Specialist

Muhammad Fahad

Graphics Designer

Wardah Tariq - Digital content writer working for Emirates Business Setup in Dubai

Warda Tariq

Digital Content Creator

Lia Schloemer, A German Expert

Lia Schloemer

German Expert

Bradley Buscall - Currency Exchange Expert

Bradley Buscall

Currency Exchange Expert

Working with UAE Government Authorities


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