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Emirates Business Setup offers real estate services in Dubai. We offer property for sale in Dubai according to your requirements, and needs.   

Buy the Best Property in Dubai!

Buying property in Dubai involves many protocols and procedures. Getting the best property in your budget also becomes very hard if you handle things on your own. If you are interested in buying property in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE? But you are confused about how to start the process and get the best property for sale in Dubai deals. We got you covered! 

We know buying a property is a hectic task, but with us, it will be very easy. Emirates Business Setup along with business setup services offers real estate services. We are here to serve you with the best property options to buy in Dubai or across the UAE. You can get the best options for investing in Dubai’s real estate. We offer residential, commercial, and off-plan properties in Dubai! 

We ensure your property needs are met first and the whole process of buying remains smooth and well-planned! 

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Benefits of Property Investment in Dubai

There are many benefits when it comes to buying property in the UAE, including: 

High Annual Rental Yields

100% Fully Ownership

Stable Economy

Top-tier Amenities

Tax Exemption on Inheritance Taxes

Safe and Secure Country

High-Quality Lifestyle

World-class Infrastructure

Healthcare Facilities

Tax Exemption on Capital Gains

Tax-free Property Investment

Golden Visa for Investors

Buying Property in Dubai on a Mortgage!

The steps to buy a property in Dubai on a mortgage are completely different. In this case, a buyer needs to get mortgage pre-approval before signing any contract or sale agreement. Additionally, the Dubai Land Department must approve the mortgage before applying for the No Objection Certificate (NOC). There will be some additional charges including a 1% Bank Mortgage Arrangement fee on the loaned amount, a Property Valuation fee, and a 5% VAT fee. 

Our Real Estate Services in Dubai

Emirates Business Setup offers real estate services in Dubai that include: 

Strategic consultancy

Our real estate agents have industrial knowledge, current market trends, and years of experience in Dubai. We deliver the best advice that meets client's property needs.

Buying Properties

We offer properties for sale to our clients. We offer villas, apartments, penthouses, warehouses, and lands for sale in Dubai.

Off Plan Property

We offer investors to buy off-plan properties for sale in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. It includes villas, apartments, or penthouses.


We offer valuations of commercial and residential properties in the UAE. It includes both assets and large mixed-use classes. The assets include offices, retail, and residential properties.

Steps to Buy Property in Dubai

Buying property in Dubai requires some procedures to follow. Here you can get an overview of how to buy your property legally in Dubai by following these simple steps: 

Property Contract

The first step is to have a contract between the buyer and you when purchasing a property in Dubai.

Decide the Mode of Payment

The next step is to agree on the buying price and mode of payment. You can pay either the whole amount or by applying for a mortgage.

Sign the Memorandum of Understanding

After deciding the mode of payment, you need to sign the sale agreement as an MOU. It is issued by the Dubai Land Department.

Paying Security Deposit

After signing the contract, the seller needs to pay a 10% refundable security deposit to the Registration Trustee.

To Get a NOC

A NOC is required to transfer the property ownership. The NOC is usually issued by the developers in Dubai.

Document Preparation

Ensure all the documents are ready before visiting the DLD for transferring ownership.

Ownership transfer with DLD

After the documentation gets completed, the property ownership will transfer to your name.

Documents Required to Buy Property in Dubai

The documents required to buy your property in Dubai include the below-mentioned list. If you are buying as a non-resident, all documents mentioned below must be attested by the UAE Embassy.

Original ID of All Buyers

Passport of All Buyers

Certificate of Incorporation

Power of Attorney

Board Resolution

NOC issued by the Developer

Memorandum of Association

Buyer Agreement

Buy Real Estate with Emirates Business Setup!

Emirates Business Setup offers you a wide range of property services. Buy properties for sale in Dubai by paying in cash or by applying for mortgages. We are here to help you with buying non-residential properties, residential properties, and others. 

Invest and buy your off-plan property now! 

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Frequently asked Questions

The real estate market in Dubai, UAE is dynamic and offers a wide range of opportunities for investors and buyers. It is one of the most popular destinations for property investment in the UAE. 

Off plan Dubai properties refer to properties that are for sale before they get completed or constructed. Buyers can purchase these properties based on the developer's plans and specifications. 

Foreign investors can buy properties in Dubai under the "freehold" ownership system, which allows them to have full ownership rights for the property.  

Some popular places to invest in property in Dubai as a non-resident are Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, and DAMAC Hills 2. Foreigners can buy property in these areas because they are freehold zones. 

The process of property transaction in Dubai involves several steps, including property search, negotiation, signing of the agreement, and registration with the Dubai Land Department.

When choosing a property developer in Dubai, it is important to consider their reputation, track record, quality of construction, and timely project delivery. Reading reviews and consulting with real estate experts can also help in making an informed decision. 

No, there are no restrictions on property ownership in Dubai for foreigners under the freehold ownership system. Foreigners can buy and lease properties without any limitations. 

Some popular areas for property investment in Dubai include Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Golf Estates and Business Bay. Various off-plan projects offer attractive investment options. 

RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) is the regulatory authority for the real estate sector in Dubai. It oversees and regulates real estate transactions, ensures compliance with laws and regulations, and protects the rights of buyers and investors.  

Service charges are fees paid by property owners for the maintenance and management of common areas and facilities in a building or community. The amount of service charges varies depending on the property type and its facilities. 

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