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PRO services in Dubai play a crucial role in facilitating the smooth running of businesses. The term “PRO” stands for Public Relations Officer. However, a PRO is responsible for managing and handling various government-related tasks on behalf of companies. These services are essential for businesses operating in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere in the UAE. 

Trusted PRO services in Dubai assist in visa processing, document clearing, and other administrative tasks. If you are a local or having an international company, you need to understand the importance of these services can significantly benefit your business setup in Dubai.

Are you finding it too stressful and hectic to manage your company documentation and paperwork? However, Emirates Business Setup here to offer PRO services for all your business needs.

Contact our Professional team will oversee all your business requirements, license renewals, amendments, or approvals. Emirates Business Setup also specialize in handling visa applications for your employees, and anything related to your company licensing.

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Our PRO Services

Trade Name Approval

Visa Processing Paperwork

Labour Department Documentation

Certificate Attestation

Legal Translation

Trade License Renewal

UAE trade license

LLC Contract Typing in Arabic and English

Government Authorities Approvals

Immigration Paperwork

Municipality Documentation

Economic Department Work

Get the Best PRO Services in Dubai with EBS!

PRO services play a crucial role in simplifying administrative tasks and ensuring compliance with government regulations for businesses in Dubai. However, by outsourcing PRO services to reliable service providers, companies can save time, and resources, and eliminate the complexities associated with government procedures. 

Moreover, if it is visa processing, document clearing, trade license renewals, or other services, partnering with the best PRO service provider in Dubai is essential for businesses to thrive in the highly competitive market.

Are you looking for PRO services? Get the best PRO services in the UAE with Emirates Business Setup! 

We offer a range of business setup services including assistance with the required approvals from the UAE government authorities, assistance with the processing of government documents, corporate PRO services and solutions, labor cards, resident visas, company setup, work permits, and all the documents and paperwork required.

Why Hire a PRO?

Emirates Business Setup, with years of experience in UAE market, recognized as the most trusted business setup consultancy in Dubai. Our main services include business formations, visa processing, trademark registration, bank account openings, and all other related services. 

You can choose our highly experienced PRO team for:

Company Formation in Dubai

PRO services are crucial for companies setting up a business in Dubai. Several administrative tasks need to be completed from company formation to securing a trade license and opening a corporate bank account. Emirates Business Setup, as a professional PRO service provider in Dubai can guide businesses through the entire process. We ensure that all legal requirements are met. We assist with company registration process or obtaining the necessary required approvals.

Company Liquidation in Dubai

PRO services are not only confined to business setups but also includes company liquidation. When a company decides to wind up its operations, certain legal procedures need to be followed. Emirates Business Setup can assist in the liquidation process, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken by the law. Our PRO service providers can handle the visas cancellation, trade licenses, and other necessary clearances required in UAE.

Document Clearing and Trade License Renewals

Companies operating in Dubai are required to maintain compliance with government regulations and renew their trade licenses annually. The process involves extensive paperwork and coordination with various government departments. Hiring a PRO services company in Dubai ensure that all necessary documents are submitted correctly, and renewals are on time. It saves companies from hefty fines. By outsourcing your document clearing services to us, you can avoid delays and penalities.

Government Approvals

Government department approvals are mandatory for obtaining business licenses in Dubai such as food stuff trading, transportation and travel agencies. Before obtaining approval from the relevant department, we prior ask our clients all the needed documents, ensuring a smooth process. 

Emirates Business Setup is here to guide and help you along the way. The approvals required from these three main government departments that are listed below:


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Frequently asked Questions

It refers to professional services that assist individuals and companies in dealing with government agencies and completing necessary paperwork and processes for various business and legal requirements in Dubai.

It can help your company by providing a range of corporate services, such as company formation, visa services, government liaison, pro approvals, and more. However, they can save you time, and effort, and ensure compliance with the UAE government regulations.
Corporate pro services in Dubai are essential for businesses. The experts handle various tasks related to company formation, visa processing, and other legal requirements. Moreover, having professional services ensures smooth operations and compliance with the laws and regulations of the UAE.
To find the best services provider company in Dubai, you should consider factors such as their experience in the industry, reputation, range of services offered, client reviews, and their ability to handle your specific requirements. Research different companies and compare their offerings before making a decision.

The type of services typically offered by the PROs are related to:

  • Company formation,
  • Visa processing,
  • Government approvals,
  • Document attestations,
  • Legal translations,
  • Labor card processing,
  • Immigration services,

and other tasks required for establishing and running a business in the UAE.

Yes, it can be of great help in visa processing. The experts can handle the documentation, submission, and follow-up with the immigration department to ensure smooth and timely processing of visas for employees, dependents, or other individuals.
To get in touch with Emirates Business Setup, you can fill out our contact form, or can call us. We usually respond promptly and provide you with the necessary information.
The benefits you get includes time-saving, cost-effectiveness, professional expertise, simplified processes, compliance with government regulations. That’s how you have peace of mind knowing that your business requirements are being handled efficiently and accurately.

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