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Chris Elliott

Chris Elliott is a true embodiment of the global entrepreneur, leaving his imprint across continents. With origins in Germany and a dynamic presence in Dubai and the United States, his entrepreneurial journey weaves ambition and achievement into a huge success. The brain behind Emirates Business Setup in Dubai exemplifies Chris Elliott fusion of vision and hard work as an entrepreneur he brings to fruition.

About Me

Your Business Dreams into UAE Realities, Hand in Hand with Chris Elliott!

Greetings! I’m Chris Elliott — an entrepreneur with a zest for turning ideas into reality globally. Starting in Germany, my journey has taken me to Dubai and the US, where I have nurtured businesses into success stories.

My vision is all about turning ideas into reality. My passion finds its expression in creating businesses in the UAE that shine in diverse markets. Emirates Business Setup is a result of this passion, a way for me to help others succeed in the bustling UAE market.

I and my team provide expertise in starting up your business setups in Dubai. Navigating the ins and outs of the UAE business landscape is where we excel. If you have got a vision, I am here to guide you through the steps to turn it into a thriving venture in the UAE.

Let's team up to make your ambitions a reality – in a world full of opportunities, there is so much we can achieve together.

Chris Elliott - CEO of Emirates Business Setup

Chris Elliot

My Mission

As the CEO and Managing Director of Emirates Business Setup, my commitment is to steer this mission toward excellence. With passion, years of experience, and dedication, we are committed to cultivating success stories that resonate far beyond the borders of the UAE. Emirates Business Setup is not just about establishing businesses; it's about fostering dreams, driving growth, and contributing to the vibrant business economy of the UAE.

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