Ajman Free Zone Company Setup

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Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMC FZ) and Ajman Free Zone (AFZA) are two free zones in the Emirate of Ajman. These two present the opportunity for establishing a business setup in Ajman Free Zone.

Ajman consists of a 260 sq. kilometers area but is the smallest Emirate. It is located on the side of the Persian Gulf. It goes directly through Sharjah alongside the Southwest Coast adjacent to Dubai. That’s why, it is the number one choice for entrepreneurs to have their new business setups in this Emirate.

Additionally, it offers tax exemptions, affordable rental offices, and is located ten minutes away from Sharjah. Two nearby international airports and four seaports make it the best place for investors and business owners to invest and start their business journey here in UAE.

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Benefits of Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone offers you the best economical choice to do your business with a low-cost startup in the UAE. However, starting your business setup in the free zone offers numerous benefits, such as:

100% foreign ownership

Low labor costs

Low corporate taxes

No Import and Export Duties

20 Years Land Leasing

Low-cost energy supplies

No Currency Restrictions

Warehouse facility

Cheap office rents

Types of Ajman Free Zone license

The strategic location of the Ajman Free Zone makes it more attractive for entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors globally to invest and start their dream business setup. Starting your business process here is very straightforward. Additionally, the best thing is it is not time-consuming and is very cost-effective to register your company or business setup in Ajman Free Zone.

Ajman Free Zone Authority provides a wide range of business activities with business trade license depending on your chosen activity. The type of license offered by Ajman Free Zone is:

Meeting on business setup in Ajman Free Zone

Trade License Renewal

A business license in Ajman is typically valid for one year and requires renewal every year before it expires. Its timely renewal is important to continue business operations in the United Arab Emirates. The license is renewed by the Ajman Department of Economic Development. It is advised to seek professional help from business setup consultants in Dubai when renewing the trade license. Emirates Business Setup is here to help, as our services also includes trade licensing renewals. We ensure to do timely renewals to save our clients time and fines.

Steps of Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

Choose Business Activities

Choose specific business activities for your new business setup that must engaged in within the jurisdiction.

Trade name Reservation

Give at least three different trade name options for your company. Ensure one out of the given trade names gets approved.