A Guide to Company Formation in Meydan Free Zone

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Meydan Free Zone is one of the best free zones in Dubai. It is situated in the heart of Dubai. It is all about making business super easy, and quick. Meanwhile, it is the only free zone that’s open 24/7 and completely digital. You can get your Meydan free zone license in a few working days to operate your business in Dubai.   

You can find many multinational firms, residential properties, and commercial properties. It includes upscale houses, public parks, business centers, entertainment, and more.    

In this blog, we will read more about the Meydan Free Zone. We will discuss how to set up a company, its benefits, and the costs related to it.

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Benefits of Meydan free zone 

Have you considered setting up your own business in Dubai? Well, why not look into the benefits of the Meydan Free Zone? This free zone in Dubai offers a range of benefits for foreign entrepreneurs. You can start a low-cost business in the United Arab Emirates.  

Some of the prominent benefits of MFZ are: 

  • 100% foreign ownership. 

  • Repatriation on capital and gains. 

  • 0% import and export taxes. 

  • No currency restrictions. 

  • You can access services 24/7. 

  • Opening a bank account is easy and guaranteed. 

  • Over 2500 business activities you can choose from. 

  • You can operate your business from outside of the UAE.  

  • You don’t need a physical presence in the UAE to set up a Meydan Free Zone company.  

  • It is a 15-minute drive away from Dubai International Airport.  

  • Meydan free zone license is recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

  • Flexi-Desk options are available and included with your license. 

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Types of Meydan Free Zone Licenses 

Meydan Free Zone offers different types of licenses. You can choose the type of license according to your business activities and business needs. The common type of license offered are: 

  • Professional 
  • Commercial license 
  • Media License 
  • Consultancy/Services License 

Some of the allowed business activities under business categories in Meydan Free Zone: 

For professionals: The business activities include environmental consulting, engineering surveying services, marketing research & consultancies, appraisal activities (for antiques, jewelry, etc.,), producing & designing, photography services, medical engineering services, logistics Consultancy, and others. 

For healthcare: The business activities include hospital activities, general clinic, dental surgery clinic, educational services, nursing homes, and others. 

Services: The business activities include computer repair & maintenance, laundry services, valet parking services, pet relocation service and others. 

How to get a Meydan Free Zone license? 

To get a Meydan Free Zone license, you need to follow these steps.  

Step #1. Choose your business activities 

The first thing to do is to choose your business activities for your company setup. You can choose from a huge list of business activities. The options include trading, professional, services, arts, healthcare, media, etc. 

Step #2. Choose a unique trade name  

After you choose your business activity, you need to choose a unique trade name. The name must be in compliance with the rules set by the government of UAE. Your company name should be clear, and make sure not to use anything offensive. 

Step #3. Submit the required documents 

Submit all the required documents for the initial approval to the Meydan Free Zone Authority. After getting the approval, sign the Memorandum of Association.  

Step #4. Get a business license 

The next step is to pay the due fees, submit the documents, and get a business license in the Meydan Free Zone. The business license needs to be renewed. The renewal depends on the business license validity. It can be valid for one year, two years, or more. 

Step #5. Get a bank account in Dubai

After getting your business license, you can apply for a bank account in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. There are so many banks in Dubai that offer easy account setups. You can get your bank account within 3-5 working days.  

Step #6. Choose an office space 

It is not mandatory to have an office to conduct your business operations in any of the free zones. Also, in MFZ, it is up to you if you want to lease an office space or not. You can get affordable options to choose from as a startup. The options are quite more when it comes to leasing an office space in Meydan. The options include: 

Flexi desk options  

Flexi desk options come with a business address. You can access shared office amenities. The cost of a flexi-desk rental is already covered in your license package. 


Shared and private offices are available in the Meydan Free Zone. You can get the workplace amenities as well.  

Coworking spaces 

These spaces are shared desks. You can get the opportunity to meet new people from different companies. Also, you can build your networks to grow your business in Dubai.  

Documents required for business setup in Meydan Free Zone 

Meydan is one of the most prime locations for business setup in Dubai. To get a Meydan free zone license, you will need to provide documents such as:

  • Application form  
  • Passport copies of all the shareholders 
  • Visa copies of all the shareholders 
  • Business plan  
  • Bank statements of the past six months, if required 
  • Memorandum of Association 

What is the Meydan Free Zone license cost? 

Meydan Free Zone license costs you around 12500 AED. It offers a great opportunity to start your business setup in Dubai. With the right business plan, you can choose the right license without breaking the bank. 

The free zone is known for its business growth opportunities. It allows multiple business activities with a choice of over 2500 activities to choose from. The license is issued quickly and comes with flexi desk options. Starting a business in the Meydan Free Zone is budget-friendly! 


In conclusion, Meydan Free Zone offers a range of benefits for entrepreneurs to establish a business in Dubai. Its strategic location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and business-friendly policies attract foreign business owners. 

Overall, Meydan Free Zone is a prime location for startups. Are you interested in getting your Meydan Free Zone license? Emirates Business Setup is here to help. We offer business setup services in Dubai. 

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