U.S. citizenship is getting renounced by 1 in 4 expats as UAE offers a more appealing lifestyle

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Since 2019, more than 150,000 Golden visas have been issued in UAE. Many expats, including HNWI (High-net-worth-individuals), are planning to abandon their U.S. citizenship. A recent report suggested that in the first three quarters of this year, 2022, approximately 2872 high-net-worth-individual expats have renounced their U.S. citizenship. That number exceeds 2421 last year. About 1 […]

How to Get UAE Citizenship- A Complete Guideline 2022

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Dubai is one of the best-known places to start your own business worldwide. When it comes to being a UAE citizen, there are many lucrative properties and incentives with it. There are huge benefits, including all access to free education, medical insurance, housing, and food subsidies. Especially the career and financial opportunities in UAE for […]

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