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Dubai is one of the best-known places to start your own business worldwide. When it comes to being a UAE citizen, there are many lucrative properties and incentives with it. There are huge benefits, including all access to free education, medical insurance, housing, and food subsidies. Especially the career and financial opportunities in UAE for Emiratis or locals give you satisfaction from every angle. If we talk about the culture of Emiratis, then they give high importance to all the relations within the extended family. That is why acknowledged as a strong tier and brings many benefits for the individual who owns citizenship in UAE. For example, individuals get citizenship based on marriage and great connections.

But how to get citizenship because becoming an Emirati citizen is not an easy task unless there is any relationship with the citizens of UAE. You may have heard about the naturalization process of the UAE. Still, if you are not an Arab, it becomes difficult and time-consuming for you to own a UAE passport, and there are only particular ways to get it.

In this article, let us discuss the ways to get citizenship and all the benefits of being a UAE citizen.

What are the possibilities to get UAE citizenship?

There are several ways to get UAE citizenship; here, we will be going to discuss all the possible ways to get UAE citizenship. Before applying for citizenship in the UAE, it is compulsory to revoke your other citizenship or nationality because UAE doesn’t offer dual citizenship.

1. UAE citizenship through marriage.

If you want to get citizenship through marriage, you should recognize that there are different kinds of rules based on gender, as women do not have the right to give citizenship to their partners in UAE.

  • So, if you are a woman from any nationality married to an Emirati man, then you will be eligible to get citizenship in UAE.
  • Also, if your child is born to an Emirati father then automatically the child will also be able to gain Emirati citizenship.
  • In the case of marrying an Emirati woman, you will not be able to get citizenship in UAE and your child will not be considered an Emirati national. But if a child is born to an Emirati woman, and the father is died or is missing then the child can apply for the UAE citizenship as well.

As per UAE culture, an Emirati woman is dependent on her husband or father, either working or living anywhere in the world. But on the other hand, a woman cannot and are not able to pass on their citizenship. So, if you are a man from anywhere in the world going to marry an Emirati woman, then you will never be able to get citizenship due to being married to her.

2. UAE citizenship through descent.

UAE Citizenship is governed by its national law. You get the citizenship if you can provide proof of having relation to direct Arab descendants that were living there in 1925 and continued through 1972.

You can also get Emirati citizenship if you are Arab from other gulf countries, including Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar and employed in the UAE for the past three years, and have a clean criminal record with a good character.

3. Live continuously for 30 years.

If you are from any nationality, then you are eligible for this kind of citizenship as you must live continuously for 30 years in the UAE without leaving. If you leave the country for any reason and come back, then the period starts again.

So, as a foreigner, if you want citizenship, you must continuously reside here for 30 years. This type of citizenship also includes independent knowledge of the Arabic language, good character, and continuous employment by an Emirati.

4. Citizenship based on exceptional merit.

Although, there is yet to set of nominees that need to be identified. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed addresses that law amendments are adopted in the UAE for granting citizenship to special talents and professionals, including investors, artists, doctors, engineers, and other families. These law amendments are made to attract more talents that can contribute to development in UAE.

Also, skilled professionals might get nominated by the Government or by royal court officials, including the rulers’ courts, the cabinet, the executive council of each of the seven emirates, or their respective crown princes. To qualify for that, an applicant must fulfill the requirements for each category.

7 benefits of UAE citizenship

In this modern world, huge opportunities can come your way if you are trying to move to a new country and want to invest in various kinds of economies, one of the best countries in terms of providing opportunities is UAE. Let us discuss all the benefits you can get as a citizen of the UAE.

1. Support to UAE fresh graduates

Fresh Emirati graduates are getting salary assistance. All Emiratis who are skill-based and under training also get a monthly stipend under a one-year salary support program.

2. Salary support scheme

It is also a one-year salary support scheme for UAE citizens. The salary support scheme is for individuals that are already working in the private sector including nurses, accountants, and encoders that are Emirati citizens addition to their salaries.

3. Pension support program

You might benefit as an Emirati employee in the private sector, as the staff gets a pension plan on behalf of the companies, including a five-year government-paid contribution.

4. Child support program

The child support program is offered to citizens working in private companies or sectors.

5. Free visa access to more than 167 countries

With UAE citizenship and passport, you are granted access for more than 167 countries and can get visa without any hurdle.

6. Assets registration without restrictions

Another benefit of having your citizenship in the UAE is that you are allowed to register your assets without any restrictions that may be faced by other foreigners that come here to UAE.

7. Local sponsorship benefit

Giving sponsorship in business is a valuable investment for an Emirati. Most of businesses requires local sponsorship. According to the “Kafeel” sponsorship model of UAE, any expat who wants to establish a company or business must have a UAE national partner. It suggests that many Emiratis are working as local sponsors to several business organizations in the UAE, for which they demand an administrative sponsorship fee. That’s why it is an excellent source of income for virtually no labor involved for an Emirati national.

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How to get long-term UAE residency?

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum introduced the golden visa system in 2019, which offers up to 10 years of residency. This system gained so much attention around the globe, especially among entrepreneurs and business owners that want to start their desired businesses in Dubai. Yet, having a residence visa is different from Emirati citizenship. But the benefits that a golden visa offer is worth it.

GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs) is a government entity. In GDRFA, you can apply online to get information about the residency visas in the UAE. Although, UAE residency applications are available online, you should prefer to hire a professional to guide you through the process. That’s how you do not confuse yourself. It is as important as this: fewer hurdles, less time, and accurate proceedings will be done. You will acquire residency in UAE with ease!

The UAE government introduced golden visa program that helps expats to get residency. This program supports foreigners and their families, including their spouses and children, to acquire residence in UAE.

Foreigners that can apply for golden visa residency from different fields are mentioned below.

  • Frontline health workers, including doctors and scientists
  • Foreign investors
  • Inventors and intellectuals
  • Creative field workers
  • Scientists and professionals
  • Bright and outstanding graduates

Benefits of UAE residence visa

Getting a UAE residence visa allows you to enjoy enormous benefits and you can travel to different countries without having a tourist visa or with on-arrival visas. In general, we have made a list of the main benefits that you can get as a resident here in UAE below:

Zero income tax

The zero-income tax is one of the most important reasons to start your career or business here in the UAE. Unlike other countries, Dubai is a country where there is low or even zero tax on your earnings. That what allows you to save and spend more and live a quality life.

Family reunion

If you seek residency in UAE, you can reunite and apply for family visas, including your spouse and children.

Trading opportunities

Dubai is famous for its low-rate taxes. It also offers excellent opportunities regarding trading. Because it is located at the heart of the world, making it a hub for business opportunities. You can easily access many countries from here. You can reach your client base internationally and meanwhile can travel to different places in the world.

World-class infrastructure

One of the best things in Dubai is strategic locations. It also has impressive infrastructures that offer you high-quality offices and residential accommodation. Transport infrastructure is imposing also, which is why one cannot find a better place than Dubai for accessibility.

Opening of bank accounts

It is challenging for a foreigner to open a bank account in the UAE. But it becomes a straightforward process if you are a UAE resident. You can easily open your bank account in any of the trusted banks of UAE.


In this article, we discuss the possibilities of getting UAE citizenship. It is hard and nearly impossible to get citizenship here in the UAE. However, there are so many residency options available to live here in the UAE. You can obtain a UAE golden visa by property investment. Or you can check the eligibility criteria. Golden visa program offers long-term residency to exceptional talents from around the globe. Meanwhile, UAE residency visas offer benefits including buying real estate, an advanced healthcare system, 100% foreign ownership, and many others. It is the reason, in past years, people from around the globe are moving to Dubai. If you are also interested and don’t know how to obtain a golden visa? Contact us and get our PRO services in Dubai. We will check your eligibility and will help throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to get a UAE passport?

Yes, it is possible to get a UAE passport but only under some specific circumstances. Such as:

  • People get passport who comes from a long-time settlers Arab in UAE with Emirati parent living inside or outside the UAE.
  • Arab settlers who lived 30 years in the country.
  • Foreigner marrying an Emirati after 7 or 10 years.

2. If a child get citizenship when born in UAE?

No, if a child is born to a UAE resident, he can only get UAE residency. In other cases, when a child’s parents are Emirati, he is considered a citizen of UAE.

3. How long you can live in Dubai with golden visa?

You can live up to 5 years or 10 years depending on the eligibility. A golden visa in UAE is usually granted for 5 or 10 years and is renewable.

4. Can I apply for a family visa with a golden visa?

Yes, you can. Golden visa usually allows you to sponsor your child, wife and your family in UAE.

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