How to Start Your Oil Trading Business in Dubai? 

Oil trading ship in Dubai, UAE.

Dubai is familiar due to its oil reserves. It has become a business hub in the Middle East. Entrepreneurs prefer Dubai as it is growing with a stable economy. It is expected to expand more in the future. The oil sector plays an important role in improving Dubai’s GDP. That is the reason why setting up your business in Dubai is the best choice for your financial success. But there are many challenges you might have to face. 

Local Sponsor in Dubai: A Complete Guideline

Local Sponsor in Dubai a complete Guideline graphic

Setting up a business in Dubai, one of the fastest-growing business hubs in the world offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. However, navigating the legal and regulatory requirements can be complex, especially when a local sponsor is required. A local sponsor in Dubai is an Emirati individual or company owned by locals that partners […]

UAE Tourist Visa: Step-by-Step Guide

Step By Step Guide To Obtaining a UAE Tourist Visa

Applying for a UAE tourist visa can often be a challenging and time-consuming process, causing frustration and uncertainty. However, with our help, the hassle of visa applications becomes a thing of the past. Emirates Business Setup is revolutionizing the way people apply for UAE visas by simplifying the entire process. We are offering a seamless […]

How to sponsor a maid in Dubai?

Maid cleaning in house

If you are living in Dubai, then you may need for a housemaid or domestic helper for your home because there are countless benefits that come with domestic helpers or maids. They are undoubtedly becoming a vital part of your family. The maids take all the heavy lifting and a huge list of responsibilities from […]

Holding Company in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

A building view from below

Opening a holding company in UAE is not rocket science – as it doesn’t require you to be a major conglomerate to do so. You can still run through this company formation structure even if you are a solitary entrepreneur. If you are planning to start your business in Dubai, then you should know about […]