How to Check Your Emirates ID Status in the UAE? 

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It’s mandatory to have an Emirates ID if you’re living and working in the UAE. Whether you’re moving here, starting a business, or working as a freelancer, you’ll need one. So, if you’ve got your ID, you’ll need to know how to check its status to make sure you’re good to go. 

In this guide, we’re going to discuss what Emirates ID is, how to check your Emirates ID status, how to renew it, the cost, and more. All you must do is to read it till the end and get all the answers.

What is an Emirates ID? 

So, everyone living in the UAE needs to get an Emirates ID card. It is a national identity card from the government to confirm that you are a resident of the UAE. 

You can apply through the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security, also known as ICP. The Emirates ID must be carried with you as an identification of you. 

Who is eligible to register an Emirates ID? 

Any individual working or living here in the UAE is eligible to get an Emirates ID. It includes UAE nationals, GCC nationals, UAE residents, and other expats.

Emirates ID Status Check 

You have two options to check Emirates ID status in the UAE. It can be done through an online website or an application.   

1. Through Website – ICP 

You can check your Emirates ID status through a website. The website is the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security- ICP. 

  • You need to enter your Emirates ID number if you need to check the status for renewal and replacement. 
  • You need to enter a PRAN number to check the status of your new Emirates ID card. 
  • You can check through a UAE pass that also helps you to track your Emirates ID. 

screenshot of Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security- ICP.

2. Through Application – ICA UAE Smart app 

The other option is to download the ICA UAE Smart app. You can use this app to check your Emirates ID card status. You can also update your info, get a replacement if you lose your Emirates ID card, or renew it. 

screenshot ICP Website

Online Verification Process 

Before anything else, make sure to verify the status of your Emirates ID. Here are the steps you should take for online verification: 

1. Visit ICP website 

The first step is to visit the online website at www.icp.gov.ae. You can visit the website, or you can download the application on your smartphone.  

Below are the steps to check your Emirates ID application status:   

2. Search ‘ID Card Status’ 

The next step is to locate the “ID CARD STATUS” and select that option. 

screenshot ICP Website

3. Add PRAN / IDN 

Please provide either your application number (PRAN) or your Emirates ID number (IDN) to check your application status. After adding the number, you can click on the arrow to check. 

screenshot ICP Website

4. Check your status 

You can check the status of your ID card application and its validity. Check the expiry date and other information related to your ID. 

screenshot ICP Website

Documents required for Emirates ID Registration 

Emirates ID registration is a simple process. However, it is important to gather all necessary documents beforehand.  

For UAE nationals, resident, and GCC nationals, make sure to review the following list. 

For UAE Nationals 

  • Family Book Proof 
  • Original Passport Copy 
  • White Background Photo 

GCC Nationals 

  • Original passport copy 
  • Valid Gulf card  
  • White Background Photo 
  • Residency permit 

For UAE Residents 

  • Original valid passport 
  • White background photos 
  • Residency visa 
  • Work Permit 
  • Marriage certificate if on a sponsor visa 
  • Birth certificate if the sponsor is a passport   

How much time is required to get an Emirates ID?   

The timeframe for obtaining a new Emirates ID card can take up to 5 to 10 business days. However, it can differ depending on the individual case. 

How does the Emirates ID renewal process work? 

Emirates ID renewal is a simple procedure. You need to renew your Emirates ID after every 2 years in the UAE. It requires you to follow a series of steps to update your details and receive your new card.  

Follow these steps to renew your Emirates ID. 

  1. Register yourself on UAE Pass. 
  1. Apply for the renewal of your Emirates ID through either the ICP website or the app. 
  1. Pay the required fees and issue residency. 
  1. Get your ID Card. 

You can find the ICP application on the App Store. Or you can have the option to seek assistance at Emirates Business Setup. We offer Emirates ID and other business services in the UAE

screenshot ICP Website

How to get a replacement Emirates ID? 

If your Emirates ID card is lost, you have the option to request a replacement Emirates ID card. Follow these steps: 

  • To report the loss, visit the police station in person. There is a fee of 70 AED for filing a report. 
  • Contact the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenships, Customs, and Port Security. Try to inform the FAIC within one week of losing your card. 
  • To request a new card, visit any FAIC office. Pay the cost for this service. 
  • Collect your new card from any Emirates Postal Office. 

Emirates ID Cost

The cost of Emirates ID is fixed. It costs you around AED 390. For the Emirates ID renewal, the cost is also the same. In both cases, you need to pay an amount of 390 dirhams to apply in the UAE. 


In conclusion, individuals need to keep in check their Emirates ID status. It is to ensure that their identification card is valid and up to date. By keeping track of their status, individuals can renew their ID cards. Additionally, you can also update your personal information.   

It is important to ensure that the Emirates ID is good to go. Because that helps you to avoid any inconvenience or issues when living and working here in the UAE.

Overall, staying informed about one’s Emirates ID status is essential. It will help you to identify yourself as a resident or citizen of UAE. 

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