How to Attest Marriage Certificate for UAE

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Attesting a marriage certificate for use in the United Arab Emirates is a crucial step to validate its authenticity and ensure its legal recognition. The attestation process involves verifying the signatures, seals, and identity of the document’s authorities.

This comprehensive guide outlines the queries including what marriage certificate attestation in the UAE is, what marriage certificate attestation in Dubai costs, why we need to attest our marriage certificate in the UAE, and how many steps are required to authenticate a marriage certificate in the UAE.

What’s marriage certificate attestation in the UAE?

Marriage certificate attestation in the UAE is a procedure that validates the authenticity of the document for legal purposes. It involves obtaining stamps and signatures from various governmental and non-governmental authorities to ensure its credibility and prevent fraudulent activities.

To simplify this complex process, it is advisable to seek the assistance of professional attestation agencies, who specialize in handling the attestation requirements and adhering to the guidelines set by the UAE government.

Steps Involved in Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai

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As, the marriage certificate attestation in Dubai involves a series of steps, including document compilation, submission to the appropriate authorities, and patiently waiting for the processing to be completed. Let’s discuss all these steps in detail:

Step 1: Arrange the Required Documentation

Before initiating the attestation process, ensure you have the following documents in order:

  • Original and two photocopies of a valid government-issued ID for each spouse (e.g., passport and residency visa).
  • Marriage certificate issued by a competent authority. If any entries are unreadable, obtain a re-issued certificate from the national authority.
  • Duly completed application form for marriage certificate attestation.

Step 2: Contact a Reputable Attestation Firm in the UAE

To streamline the attestation process, get in touch with a trusted attestation service provider based in the UAE. Schedule an appointment during office hours to avoid unnecessary delays. A reputable firm will furnish you with the necessary application forms for submission to both your home country’s state departments and the UAE authorities.

Step 3: Submit the Documents to the Attestation Firm

  • Submit the completed application forms, along with all required documents, to your chosen attestation service provider.
  • Pay the processing fee for the entire authentication process upfront. Reputable service providers typically offer a one-time payment option that covers the fees associated with multiple government departments.
  • Obtain an official receipt from the attestation firm and retain copies for your records.

Step 4: Await Document Processing

The attestation process involves verification by four main state departments:

Be prepared for a processing time of up to eight weeks, considering the involvement of multiple authorities.

Step 5: Collect the Authenticated Certificate

Once the attestation process is complete, the attestation service provider will inform you of the document’s release schedule. Present the official receipt and, if necessary, a valid special power of attorney (POA) when claiming the attested marriage certificate. Before leaving the premises, carefully review the document for any errors or inaccuracies.

Points to Remember for Marriage Certificate Attestation in the UAE:

  • Personal appearance is not mandatory for document attestation. However, in some cases, if someone other than the certificate holder is processing the attestation, an authorization letter is required.
  • Attestation fees may vary based on the state department involved. Consult with your service provider for a detailed quote.
  • Attesting a marriage certificate is essential for local authorities to recognize its legality. Without the attestation stamps/seals, the document may not be considered valid.

Why do we need to attest our marriage certificate in the UAE?

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If you plan to settle down with your spouse in Dubai, it is crucial to have your marriage certificate attested. Without proper attestation, you may face difficulties in carrying out these activities, and your marriage may not be legally recognized in the UAE.

Here are some key points to understand why we need to attest our marriage certificate in the UAE:

  • Attestation is required to validate the legality of your marriage certificate in Dubai.
  • It serves as proof that your marriage is recognized by the government in your home country.
  • The document attestation Dubai process involves obtaining stamps and signatures from different governmental and non-governmental agencies. Without proper attestation, you may not be able to undertake essential tasks such as obtaining a spouse visa or sponsoring your family members.
  • Attestation is necessary for enrolling your children in schools and universities.
  • If you plan to buy property in Dubai, attested marriage certificates may be required for legal transactions.

In summary, marriage certificate attestation is a vital step for those planning to settle down with their spouse in Dubai. It ensures that your marriage is legally recognized in the UAE and allows you to carry out various activities such as obtaining visas, sponsoring family members, enrolling children in school, and purchasing property.

What does marriage certificate attestation in Dubai cost?

The cost of marriage certificate attestation in Dubai varies depending on the country of origin. There are two ways to obtain the initial Dubai attestation of your marriage certificate: either through your country’s consulate in Dubai or by sending the certificate back to your home country for attestation. After that, you need to proceed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for MOFA attestation, which typically costs around 500 AED.

The next step is to have the certificate legally translated by a certified or sworn translator. The cost of translation varies based on the language of the marriage certificate. If the certificate is required for Dubai court purposes, it will also need to be stamped by the Ministry of Justice.

It is important to note that these costs are subject to change, and it is advisable to check with the relevant authorities or attestation service providers for the most up-to-date information.

Overall, the cost of marriage certificate attestation in Dubai includes fees for MOFA attestation UAE and legal translation, with additional charges if the certificate requires stamping from the Ministry of Justice for court purposes.


Attesting a marriage certificate for use in the UAE is a vital step to establish its authenticity and legal recognition. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, you can navigate the process of attestation services in Dubai effectively. Remember to engage a reputable attestation service provider to simplify the procedure and ensure accurate and timely completion.