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Dubai is a popular destination for expatriates, with many people from all over the world coming to the UAE for work, education, or to settle down. German expats in Dubai, or those who have completed their education in Germany and want to work in Dubai, need to get their certificates attested before they can use them for various purposes. Certificate attestation is a legal process that confirms the authenticity of the document and ensures it is valid in the destination country.

Many people here in UAE trying to get German certificate attestation services. The questions that arise
are how to get a German birth certificate or marriage certificate attestation in Dubai, and what is the process and duration of getting a certificate attestation done.

Emirates Business Setup offers all the certificate attestation services for our German clients in Dubai. Our services include all the steps involved in the German certificate attestation process starting from collection to delivering your original documents safely and securely.

In this guide, we will provide a comprehensive overview of German certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE.

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Services at German Consulate, Dubai

The German Consulate in Dubai provides various services to German citizens and residents in the UAE. One of these services is the attestation of German documents, including educational and professional certificates. The consulate is responsible for verifying the authenticity of the documents and attesting to them to make them valid in the UAE.

It is important to note that the certificate attestation process can be time-consuming and may require the assistance of a professional attestation service provider. It is also essential to ensure that all the documents and information provided are accurate and up-to-date to avoid any delays or issues in the attestation process.

Process of German certificate attestation in Dubai

Getting your German certificates attested by the German Consulate in Dubai is an essential step for employment, education, or legal purposes like sponsoring a family in the UAE. The attestation process can be complex, but with the right information and assistance, you can ensure that your certificates are attested correctly and are valid in the UAE.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of the steps required to attest a German certificate in the UAE:

Step 1: Authenticate the certificate

The first step in the process is to authenticate the German certificate by the appropriate authorities in Germany or you can do that in UAE. Depending on the type of certificate, this may involve different departments such as the education department or notary public. The authentication process involves verifying the authenticity of the certificate and confirming that it was issued by a recognized institution.

Step 2: Attest with German Consulate or German Embassy in the UAE

The attested certificate must be submitted to the German consulate in the UAE for final attestation. This involves submitting the original certificate and passport copy. The German consulate will review the documents and provide a stamp or seal confirming the attestation.

Step 3: Attestation by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The attested certificate must be submitted to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs for further attestation. This involves submitting the original certificate, a copy of the passport, and the attestation from the UAE embassy in Germany. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will review the documents and provide a stamp or seal confirming the attestation.

Step 4: Translate the certificate

After German consulate verify the document, it is the time to translate it into Arabic. A certified translator can be hire for this role. You can get translation services in UAE. Just make sure the translation should be accurate and include all relevant information from the original certificate. The translation should be done by a translator certified by the UAE embassy or German consulate in Dubai.

Types of certificate attestation

The German consulate in Dubai provides certification services for various types of documents that are required for legal or official purposes in Germany. Some of the common types of documents that undergo German certification at the German Consulate in Dubai include:

A student holding a degree

Educational documents

These include degrees, diplomas, certificates, and transcripts issued by educational institutions in the UAE or other countries.

Commercial documents

These include invoices, certificates of origin, bills of lading, and other business-related documents.

Personal documents

These include birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, police clearance certificates, and other personal documents.

Legal documents

These include powers of attorney, affidavits, wills, legal marriage certificates, degree certificate attestation, and other legal documents.

A picture of mask and vaccine certificate

Medical documents

These include medical reports, vaccination certificates, and other health-related documents.

It is important to note that the specific requirements for document certification may vary depending on the purpose of the document and the entity requesting the certification.

Why do you need German certificate attestation in Dubai?

German certificate attestation is required in Dubai for various purposes such as employment, higher education, or for business setup in UAE. The attestation process involves verifying the authenticity of the German certificate by the UAE authorities, which is necessary to ensure that the certificate holder is eligible for the intended purpose in Dubai.

Dubai is home to several German diplomatic missions, including the German embassy and consulate general of Germany, which offer attestation services for German documents. Attesting your German certificate in Dubai can save you time and effort by eliminating the need to travel to Germany or another country with a German embassy or consulate.

For example, if you are applying for a job in Dubai and you have a German degree certificate, the employer may ask for an attested copy of the certificate to ensure that it is genuine and recognized by the relevant authorities. Similarly, if you are sponsoring your German spouse in UAE, then the German consulate must attest your marriage certificate. Also, if you are planning to continue your studies in Dubai with a German educational qualification, you will need to have your certificates attested to meet the admission requirements of the educational institution.

There could be several reasons for doing a German certificate attestation in Dubai. Let’s read them below:

To study in Dubai

Are you planning to pursue higher education in UAE and your nationality is German? If yes, then it is advised to get your educational certificates attested before moving. Documents are usually attested by the consulate in Dubai.

To work in UAE

If you have secured a job in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, you may need to get your educational and professional certificates attested to prove your qualifications and credentials.

To obtain a sponsored visa for UAE

Applying for a sponsored visa in UAE as a German nationality? Then, you may submit your documents attested by Dubai German consulate in UAE.

To settle in Dubai

If you are German and are planning to settle in Dubai, you may need to get your certificate attestation for UAE, including your marriage certificate, birth certificate, educational certificate, and professional certificates attested as part of the immigration process.

The process of attesting your documents involves verifying their authenticity and accuracy by the relevant authorities. Indeed, taking these steps is crucial to prevent fraud. It ensures the documents validity and recognition in the UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an attestation certificate?

An attestation certificate is a document that certifies the authenticity of a specific piece of information. It includes such as a person’s identity, employment status, or educational qualifications. However, a trusted third party typically issued it, such as a notary public, government agency, or educational institution.

How does the German embassy verify educational documents?

The German embassy typically verifies educational documents by following a process that involves submitting the original documents to the embassy or consulate. However, then verifying the authenticity of the documents by contacting the issuing institution or using other means of verification. After that, issuing an attestation certificate or Zeugnisbewertung document to confirm the authenticity and validity of the educational documents.

The specific requirements and procedures for document verification may vary. The attestation of documents typically varies based on the educational institution and country of origin. It is advisable to check with the German Embassy or Consulate for specific requirements and procedures.

How to get a marriage certificate attestation in Dubai?

you should follow the steps outlined below to get a marriage certificate attest in Dubai.

  1. Obtain an original marriage certificate issued by the concerned authority in your home country.
  2. You need to get the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in your home country to attest the marriage certificate. This step confirms the authenticity of the certificate.
  3. Once MOFA attests the certificate, you need to get it attested by the UAE embassy.This step verifies the attestation done by MOFA.
  4. Finally, you can take the attested marriage certificate to the concerned authority in Dubai.

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