What is UAE Golden Visa?

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UAE golden visa scheme is implemented in 2019. The scheme has been able to draw the attention of many expatriates who are with a plan of securing permanent residency in the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE golden visa scheme allows foreign nationals to live, conduct business, work or study in the UAE. It is also enabling enormous benefits that other regular visa systems don’t offer. However, this residency golden visa scheme doesn’t require a national sponsor and is issued for up to 10 years. Dubai golden visa in other words the UAE long-term residency visa can be renewed. Also, it comes with six months multiple entry visa to proceed with residence issuance.

Here we have covered everything you need to know about the UAE’s golden visa system, the requirements, benefits, application process, and more.

Golden Visa Dubai

One of the world’s most stable economies, Dubai, grants long-term residency visas for foreign expatriates for up to ten years. The golden visa Dubai allows holders to live while working, creating, studying, excelling, and investing. It offers many more benefits for the holders than other regular visa schemes.

Golden Visa Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s golden visa program offers the opportunity for investors and talents around the world such as inventors, scientists, doctors, specialists, individuals with exceptional creative talents, entrepreneurs & businessmen to obtain a long-term residency visa in Abu Dhabi. 

Currently, Abu Dhabi has many high-growth areas including healthcare, financial services, research & development, agriculture, and a startup ecosystem. The “Thrive in Abu Dhabi” initiative opens up enormous opportunities for foreigners to grow, achieve and succeed. The long-term golden visa in Abu Dhabi offered with a period of 10 years. However, this visa allows holders to live, work & study, and do business in Abu Dhabi.

Benefits of UAE Golden Visa

The UAE golden visa comes with a bundle of benefits that other regular UAE Visa schemes don’t offer which has made quite a buzz among people who are looking for UAE long-term residency. 

  • It provides you long-term stay opportunity for up to 10 years and also it is renewable.
  • It is a self-sponsored visa which means it doesn’t require any employment sponsor.
  • As we mentioned above the applicant gets a multiple entry visa which is valid for six months to proceed with residence issuance.
  • The most highlighted benefit is it gives the ability to stay outside the UAE for more than six months without getting your long-term residence visa nullified which is more than usual restrictions.
  • The other most attractive benefit is it allows the visa holders to sponsor their family members including spouses and children regardless of their ages.
  • Also, it offers the UAE golden visa holders’ family members the ability to stay in the UAE until the end of their permit duration in case the primary golden visa holder passes away.
  • This UAE long-term visa scheme enables the holder to sponsor an unlimited number of domestic helpers.

UAE Golden Visa Requirements

The UAE golden visa provides long-term residence opportunities in the UAE for talented, professionals and highly skilled workers intending to boost the UAE’s investment environment and foster its business success and growth. The beneficiaries of the golden residence visa scheme are inventors, entrepreneurs, exceptional talents, scientists, professionals, outstanding students & graduates, humanitarian pioneers, and front-line heroes.

For doctors and engineers

Doctors can apply for a golden visa with is valid for up to 10 years. They should have a labor contract in the UAE and should possess a medical license. Doctors who hold this visa can sponsor their family members which is valid for up to 10 years. Golden visa is offered to engineers, scientists & researchers in various fields for a period of up to 10 years. The considered fields include computer engineering, software engineering, technologies related to big data, electronics engineering, electrical engineering, artificial engineering. Also, fields related to virology & epidemiology, biotechnology engineering, and genetic engineering. Scholars should possess a bachelor’s degree or higher educational qualification to entitle to this opportunity.


High-skilled workers & professionals in the fields including education, medicine, information technology, law, sciences & engineering, business & administration, culture & social sciences can obtain the golden visa. They should have obtained high educational qualifications and professional experience to be eligible for the UAE’s golden visa plus meet the following conditions.

  • Should be classified in the first or second occupational level as per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation’s classification.
  • Should possess a valid employment contract in the UAE.
  • Their monthly salary should not be less than AED 30,000.
  • Should hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

For entrepreneurs

Golden visa granted to entrepreneurs for five years. Owners and founders who conduct commercial projects related not only to technical projects but also to many different fields can now apply for this long-term residency visa and it is renewable. The project value should not be less than five hundred thousand (500,000) Dirhams. They may appoint three executive directors with a golden visa but there are terms and conditions. 

Entrepreneurs holding it can sponsor their family members such as spouses and unmarried children up to 5 years.

For property investors

Property investors may obtain the golden visa, if their investment in real estate property is not less than AED 2 million.

This is granted for five years. Real estate investors will be eligible, if they

  • Invest real estate properties worth not less than AED two million or
  • Invest in a real estate property with a loan from specific local banks or
  • Purchase off-plan properties from approved local real estate companies

For real estate investors, it is valid for a maximum period of 2 years and five years which is renewable. Owners of property or a group of properties are offered this UAE long-term residency visa opportunity including the ability to sponsor their family members such as spouses and unmarried daughters and sons.

For exceptional talents

Exceptional talents in the fields vital to the UAE such as digital technology, sports, arts & culture may obtain the golden visa. This is offered regardless of their educational qualifications, employment, monthly salary, or their professional level.

Creative specialists in culture and art

UAE golden visa is granted to creative individuals who show exceptional talents and specialties in their fields. The scheme offers long-term residence for specialists in culture and arts for 10 years as per the recommendation from the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. The family members of the talents who are specialized in the fields of Culture and Art are eligible to sponsor their family members for the same period with golden visa.


Athletes who show exceptional talents in the field of sports can apply for the UAE golden visa and are offered 10 years of long-term residency opportunity in the UAE as per the recommendation of General Authority of Sports in Dubai or the Dubai Sports Council.

Artists and Singers

Artists and Singers with outstanding creativity are granted the UAE’s golden visa without requiring a national sponsor as per the recommendation from Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. They should be able to confirm their honorary position in a prestigious international authority because of their exceptional creativity. The golden visa UAE is granted to singers for ten years and gives the ability to sponsor family members including spouses and children.


Scientists as well as researchers who have achievements influencing their fields can apply for this golden long-term residency visa. It is based on the recommendation from the Emirates Scientists Council.

For inventors

As per the recommendation of the Ministry of Dubai, inventors who hold patents can obtain the golden visa if their patents add value to the country’s economy and its growth. It comes with the eligibility to sponsor your family members for the same period. 

For executive directors

Executive Directors get the golden visa for 10 years, if their company confirms no obligation of offering a golden visa to him/her. Executive directors, general managers, chief executive officers, and chairmen are eligible for the long-term golden residency visa in the UAE. Only, if their salaries are not less than 50,000 Dirhams and possess a bachelor’s degree or higher educational qualification. Also, they should have a minimum of five years of experience holding the same position. The Dubai golden visa for executive directors offers the opportunity for the holders to sponsor their family members for a period of up to 10 years.

For retired foreigners

The UAE offers the opportunity for retired foreign expatriates to obtain long-term residence visas with the golden visa scheme UAE. Retired foreigners can get the 5 years golden visa and is renewable. 

Retired Foreigners who have a financial deposit not less than 1 million Dirhams or who possess one or more real estate with a value not less than AED 1 million are eligible for this great opportunity. Also, they should have a minimum of 15 years of service period before retirement and should get a minimum annual income of AED 180,000. However, for retired foreigners it gives holders the ability to sponsor their family members with a visa for 5 years.

For humanitarian pioneers

Eminent members of international and regional humanitarian organizations, hope makers who received recognition awards in humanitarian fields, and outstanding volunteers of humanitarian efforts are eligible to get the golden visa.

how to apply for golden visa UAE for students?

Students with high performance records in the UAE’s secondary schools and outstanding graduates from UAE’s universities as well as from the best universities globally can apply for the golden Visa Dubai. The criterion for eligibility includes:

  • Academic performance or cumulative average 
  • The university classification
  • The year of graduation

How to get golden visa in UAE?

The application process for the UAE golden visa varies depending on the category applied. After registering as an applicant, you need to submit the documents requested regarding the category you applied for. After the document’s clearance, you need to pay the due fees.

Eligibility criteria

In a nutshell, foreign investors in key sectors which are vital for the country’s economic growth are eligible for the golden visa in the UAE.

Property investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, engineers, creative specialists in science & culture, executive directors, inventors, humanitarian pioneers, and outstanding students are eligible for the UAE golden visa (if they meet the expected specialty levels). 

You may need to obtain a recommendation from relevant authorities as proof or can contact Emirates Business Setup!


The price and the cost to obtain golden visa vary depending on the category applied. For investors, you can get 10 years golden visa UAE at the cost of approximately 13,000 to 15,000 AED. There may be additional costs for obtaining recommendation letters, opening bank accounts, business set-ups, Insurance, etc. 

Validity period

The UAE’s golden visa granted for 5 years or 10 years. It totally depends on the category which you have applied for.

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