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What to do with the new rule’s implementation if you are on a visit visa in the UAE, and it is expiring soon? Don’t worry! There are a few options that we are giving you to exit and then re-enter the country.

Last Tuesday, December 13, new visa rules were introduced in the UAE that confirmed visit visas now cannot be extended or renewed without exiting the country as UAE restricted visa extension to those who are already in the country and want to extend their visit visa. A travel agency informed by the department of immigration that from now all visit visas will be extended only if the individual exits and then re-enter the country. After that news circulated, visitors now keep buying tickets and flying to neighboring countries, especially Oman, to exit and re-enter the UAE.

A travel agent confirmed that more flights are there for Oman, ensuring people have enough travel options. Fly Dubai also added one flight with a capacity of 500 clients or even more that will be traveling to take people to Oman who want to change their visa status. This recent change in the visit visa rules increases in demand for flight tickets and road travel tickets to Oman and all other neighboring countries to the UAE.

Options Availability

The new UAE rules introduced by the immigration department declared that an individual who wants to extend a visit visa must exit the country and re-enter the UAE. Before COVID-19, the rules were similar; UAE allowed visa extensions to the visit visa holders by considering the difficulties of traveling during Covid periods. But last Tuesday, December 13, rules were re-introduced. But there are many options available for people who want to extend their visit visa. Still, it requires traveling because without traveling and exiting the country, you will not be able to get the visit visa extension again. For those purposes, people are now going to Oman or other neighboring countries and re-entering the UAE.

Many options are available for exiting and re-entering the country with a visit visa if you take a flight or travel with your car. Also, buses going to Oman take 2-3 days, depending on the circumstances. Currently, the options that are available for you if you are also on a visit visa in the UAE and want to extend it:

  • By air to Oman or neighboring countries
  • By your own car
  • Dubai to Oman by bus

Going by air to Oman or neighbouring countries

People are more prone to taking flight tickets to Oman and preferring to exit and re-enter in the UAE. For almost 53 countries, a visa is not required, and the immigration of the UAE approves an on-arrival or free visa after arrival. The duration of the visa may vary accordingly. For example, British passport holders must exit and then re-enter the country for their renewal if they are currently here in the UAE on a visit visa. That means you will take a flight from UAE to Oman and stay on board when you re-enter the UAE, your passport will get stamped, and you will be allowed to reside in UAE for 30 days. It only takes a maximum of 4 hours for the whole process. The same process is followed for all the visa-exempted countries, as a free visa is granted on arrival to the UAE after re-entering.

Individuals on a visit visa from countries that require a visit visa to enter UAE and are in UAE on a visit visa can go to Oman and then, after returning to UAE, wait for their visit visa at the airport. It works 90% of the time and takes only a few hours. All you want to do is to

  • Book a flight to Oman
  • Exit from UAE airport
  • Staying on board and returning to the UAE airport
  • Now you must wait at the airport until your visa approved, it might take for a few hours to up to 24 hours, but in rare cases it might take 48 hours as well
  • Get the entry stamp and re-enter the UAE

Documents requirements

The documents required for visa-exempted countries for a new permit are:

  • Original passport
  • National ID card

The documents required for other countries that applying for new visit visa in UAE are:

  • National ID card
  • White background photo
  • Exit stamp
  • Copies of passport and visa

By your own car

by your own car

The other option you can avail of is to travel with your own car to Oman or any other neighboring country. But that process is tiring and hectic. The conditions are there, as the car must be registered in your name and completely owned by you, and it takes 5 hours to reach Oman by car. You also require car insurance for Oman. Once you reach there, you must follow these steps

  • To accompany car ownership documents of your vehicle, car insurance that covers both in UAE and Oman, if you take another car that is not owned by you then must take a certificate from RTA before going to Oman
  • Exiting stamp on the passport
  • Applying for a UAE visit visa
  • Waiting for approvals
  • Re-entering the UAE with a new permit

Documents requirements

By going to Oman on your own car, the required documents to get a new visit visa in UAE for 60 days are

  • Original passport and copies
  • National ID card
  • Car insurance that covers both in Oman and UAE
  • Proof of ownership of your vehicle
  • If you take another car, more documents are required, and you need to go to RTA for getting that certificate
  • White background photo

Dubai to Oman by bus

Before Covid-19, there was a huge industry of visa change flights by airlines that offered low-cost flights. Also, people used to travel via bus to renew their permit for their visit visa to UAE which is a relatively low-cost method. Although the process may take more time but still is opted for by thousands of people. It requires more time and some important certificates and documents to complete. The process is secure as there are a few steps that must be followed, so do not worry. We are here to offer you services that will include:

  • Oman visa with 10 days validity
  • Then upon reaching the border, there is a border fee
  • After that, on arrival, passport stamping for exiting the country
  • Then applying for a new visit visa of UAE with a validity of 30 or 60 days
  • Staying at Oman hotel; duration depends on the approval of the visit visa
  • Once approved, travel back to the UAE

Documents requirements

The documents required here for travelling through the bus to Oman and getting new permit for UAE are:

  • Original passport
  • Copies of passport
  • National ID card
  • Oman visa
  • White background photos


The approximate cost of exiting the country and then granting a new visit permit for the UAE

  • By air to Oman:

Starting from 1700 AED (Inclusive of tickets, Dubai visa valid for 60 days).

  • By Bus to Oman:

Starting from 1100 AED (Inclusive of Oman visa valid for 10 days, border fee, on-site stamping, and Dubai visa valid for 60 days). Additional of 50 AED per day for accommodation if required.

These costs depend on the service quality you want to avail; the air ticket prices may vary according to the class you want to travel to, business class is different, and the economy class costs you more. Also, we offer more facilities for staying in Oman according to client demands.

EBS here to assist you

Is your visit visa to UAE is getting expired soon? Then don’t worry yourself, as we, Emirates Business Setup, will aid you in your process and ensure your comfort and security in the first place. Our professional advisors will help you choose the best way to get your new visit permit for UAE, depending on your ease and affordability. Do not hesitate to contact us!


1.What options are available to get a new permit in UAE while going to Oman?
You can travel by bus, air or your registered car. The process is straightforward, and the time duration will depend on the chosen option you are traveling through.

2. I arrived in UAE before this rule was implemented. If I want renewal, then what are the rules? Are they the same for my case, too, for visa renewal?
Yes, the new rules apply to everyone on a visitor visa in UAE.

3. What is the cost of getting a new permit visa for UAE and re-entering the country by taking a flight to Oman?
The approximate cost of exiting the country and then granting a new permit visa for UAE by air to Oman is 1700 AED.

4. What documents are required to renew the visit visa UAE when you travel by bus to Oman?

The approximate cost of exiting the country and then granting a new permit visa for UAE by air to Oman is 1700 AED.

  • Original passport
  • Copies of passport
  • National ID card
  • Oman visa
  • White background photos

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