How to Sell on Amazon UAE in 2024: A Beginner’s Guide 

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Amazon UAE launched in 2019. Since it gets launched, it is now become UAE resident’s favorite e-commerce platform. E-commerce businesses are getting more recognition in the UAE after the COVID-19 outbreak. People trust Amazon to order everything on it. E-commerce sales reached 6 billion U.S dollars in 2024. The revenue is going to increase in upcoming years.   

In this blog, we will discuss how to sell on Amazon. Also, how to open an Amazon seller account, and how to do business registration in the UAE.

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Overview of Amazon.ae 

Amazon.ae website belongs to the United Arab Emirates. As earlier mentioned, it launched in 2019 in the UAE. It is not a secret that Amazon.ae loves its customers and always gives them the trust to shop online. You also get the freedom to speak and give reviews on it. When you review products on your Amazon, it helps other people to choose before they place an order.  

Moreover, Amazon cares about its users and finds ways to improve user experience. It offers customers services to get easy returns. You can also choose the best products from reviews. The products always get deliver on time. 

Who can sell on Amazon UAE? 

Anyone with an e-commerce license can sell their products on Amazon in Dubai. If you would like to sell online, set up your Amazon seller account on the Amazon website. 

Make sure to learn the below mentioned steps on ‘how to sell on Amazon Seller Central’ before you start.

How to sell on Amazon UAE? 

When you’re getting started as a seller on Amazon, it’s all about taking a few important steps. Look at these steps to get help: 

1. Choose a business name and contact information 

Select a name for your business that complies with UAE laws.  

  • You can avoid offensive language and use a unique name. 
  • Exclude references to religious or political groups. 
  • Choose a meaningful business name. 
  • Register the chosen business name. 

Prepare detailed contact information for your Amazon seller account. 

  • Official business email. 
  • Business phone number. 
  • Proof of address in the UAE. 

2. Get an e-commerce license in UAE

You need to get an e-commerce license before you start selling on Amazon in the UAE. 

  • You can choose between a free zone or a mainland e-commerce license.  
  • Freezone e-commerce licenses are often more affordable. You get countless benefits such as 100% full ownership, and no currency restrictions. 

A business setup consultant in Dubai can help you in this regard. At Emirates Business Setup, you get help with the business license application process. It includes company name registration, license type, and other required documents submission. 

3. Secure a UAE residency visa 

After obtaining your e-commerce license Dubai, you can get a residence visa. You can choose from multiple business activities in the UAE.  

The UAE residency visa is usually valid for up to 2 years. You need to go through a residence visa process. The process includes medical checkups and biometric registration. 

4. Open a corporate bank account 

Apply for a corporate bank account after you get your business license and get a UAE residence visa. Research and choose a suitable bank in the UAE. 

5. Proof of address 

You must submit documentation as evidence of your address. Amazon requires this information to confirm your identity and other specific details. 

6. A valid UAE phone number 

Amazon requires your contact number when signing up. You need to get a UAE phone number to add to your Amazon account for verification. 

7. Your national ID 

Finally, Amazon will need you to scan and upload your original national ID. It helps you in identity verification. 

How to open an Amazon seller account in UAE? 

Now that you understand the process of obtaining a trade license and residency visa in the UAE. It is the time to open your Amazon seller account. Here we will discuss the steps to open your Amazon seller account in UAE. 

  1. Open the website at https://sellercentral.amazon.com/ and click on ‘sign up’. 
  2. Now you will be redirected to a sign-up page. Here you need to create your account. 

3. You need to add your business details and personal information. It usually includes your name, contact number, and password. 

4. Now you can upload the required personal documents for verification and apply. Within 24 hours, after Amazon approval you get your Amazon account and start selling.   

Benefits of becoming an Amazon.ae seller 

Selling on Amazon.ae is a game-changer. A customer can find countless options when shopping. It is an opportunity for sellers to sell many products on their Amazon store. The profit margin is around 60 to 65%. The UAE residents choose Amazon over other online stores to buy their products.    

Let’s check the benefits of selling products on your Amazon seller account UAE: 

1. Largest e-commerce store 

Amazon.ae is as one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the UAE. 

  • It gives access to millions of potential customers in the UAE. You can buy and sell through it.  
  • It is a well-known and trusted brand, which can help new sellers gain customer trust quicker.
  • You can avail customer service support from Amazon.

2. Advanced warehouse facilities 

With FBA, Amazon handles storage, packaging, and shipping in the UAE. You can get these services as an Amazon seller and other warehouse facilities. It helps you to focus more on your product’s quality. 

3. Access to Amazon Prime UAE 

Selling products on Amazon store gives you credibility to sell on Amazon Prime UAE. Amazon Prime usually caters the individuals with premium memberships. It also benefits potential sellers to increase their visibility to premium customers. You can get free deliveries and best customer service with your Amazon Prime.

4. Marketing tools 

Amazon offers various advertising options.  

  • You can use sponsored products, brands, and displays to increase product visibility. 
  • Sellers can take part in promotional events and deals to attract more customers such as the Deal to the Day.

5. Seller Central support 

  • Amazon offers a user-friendly Seller Central dashboard. It comes with tools and resources to manage your business with ease. 
  • Access to educational resources and tutorials to help sellers optimize their business strategies. 

6. Data and Analytics 

  • Amazon provides detailed analytics and reporting tools. It helps sellers track performance, understand customer behavior, and make informed decisions. 
  • Sellers can gain insights into competitors’ strategies and pricing to stay competitive. 

Is Amazon UAE a right platform to get started?  

Yes, it is. Even the largest household, electronics, and other appliance brands sell on Amazon.  

Startups and successful businesses working with Amazon. They make up more than half of the units sold in Amazon stores worldwide. No matter the size of your business, Amazon will help you grow. Start selling today at www.amazon.ae.


In conclusion, the largest brands, and startup businesses achieve success on Amazon.ae. Over half of Amazon’s worldwide sales come from startups and growing enterprises. Amazon is the ideal platform for businesses of all sizes. We invite you to find your place with us and start selling today.   

Emirates Business Setup streamlines your Amazon seller journey in the UAE. We handle business formation to bank account setup. Join Amazon and watch your business grow! 

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