Abu Dhabi Mainland

Abudhabi is the capital city of uae with well developed economy. Oil is Abu Dhabi’s main source of income, and it appears that the country’s economy is strongly tied to the extraction and sale of oil. In the interim, Abu Dhabi offers chances in real estate, tourism, and several industries.Abudhabi mainland license is issued by abudhabi department of economic development (ADDED). Normally in every emirates license validity will be 1 year, but In abudhabi freezone we have option of 2 years license. This makes license cost effective and process simple.

Moreover, 100% ownership is held under hands of expats but UAE national will be there as local service agent. As abudhabi is the largest emirate of uae covering almost 87% of uae 2nd largest populated. Opening up business in abudhabi mainland has more benefits even though rent license cost is compretively high.

Types of abudhabi mainland license

Professional license: License to carry out the activities of crafts man. Basically with once own physical effort or done by some tools. For instance carpenter license, painter license etc

Commercial license: License to carry out the commercial business activities like general trading, hospitals clinics etc.

Tourism license: License to carry out the activities which is related tourism, hotel, restaurants, travel agency. This license is issued by abudhabi tourism authority

Occupational license: License for business activities that covers any action carried out by a professional investor that is within the scope of his expertise and corresponds to his academic or professional credentials.

Agriculture license: As name mentioned this license is to carry out the agricultural related business activities.

Process of getting a license in abudhabi mainland

The process of getting license is similar to anywhere in UAE, only that issuing authority changes, approval centres depends and even activities are also not similar. Each emirates has their set of activities and license classification.

The process starts from

  • Choosing the appropriate business license and business activities.
  • Reserving the trade name and taking initial approval.
  • Getting the appropriate external approval if the business activity demands.
  • Producing the tenancy contract for inspection.
  • Getting the final approval and paying the due fees.
  • Registering on abudhabi chamber of commerce and industry.
  • Obtaining the card from mohre and gdrfa-abudhabi.

Advantages of setting up business in abudhabi mainland

  • We can take license for 2 years instead of 1 years in this way can cutdown every year renewal cost
  • Abudhabi is 2nd largely populated giving advantages to reach out more people.
  • Since abudhabi is the capital of uae. Touristers are more there. So best place for tourism or restaurant business.
  • Abudhabi has more advanced infrastructures facilities.
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