Ajman Mainland

Setting up a business in Ajman entails beginning with an LLC, which is the initial stage in forming a company in Ajman with at least two people. You will require a UAE national to act as your local partner, just like every other Emirate in the UAE. The local sponsor will control 51 percent of the company, while the foreign investor or owner will have the remaining 49 percent, according to the business regulations of Ajman.

Ajman, the smallest of the seven  emirates that make up the UAE, The process for setting up a business in Ajman is renowned for being rapid. The emirate is well-connected by road and has borders with Umm Al Quwain and Sharjah. The established infrastructure and connections provide the commercial enterprises a sufficient edge.

The types of business in Ajman mainland are mainly Sole establishment, Limited liability company, Branch office, public shareholding company, a representative company.

Process to get a business license in Ajman mainland

The process to start business license application starts from choosing the appropriate business activity. Normally depending on each activity license process will change. Normal license process starts from Reserve the trade name and submit all the required documents of partners. Once got approval then Submit the tenancy contract and external approval certificate if there is any.Draft MOA or LSA depends activity to activity.Once documents are ready will receive the payment voucher receipt and once paid license with all the other documents will be received.

For some activities like you are opening restaurant in Ajman mainland then process will vary. Basically the health inspection team will come and check the place and then we have to prepare outline and take the approval. So varying from activities to activities process will also differ

Documents required to start business in Ajman mainland

* Ajman mainland also requires similar documents like any other freezone

* Passport copy of the shareholders

* Emirates id and residency visa copy if there is any or visit visa copy

* Email id and phone number

* Tenancy contract if requires

* A valid Business plan

* local sponsor documents

* If any external approval there. Documents for same has to submitted as well.

Advantages of Ajman mainland

* Ajman offers office space and warehouse space at affordable rate.

* The cost and duration of Setting up a business in Ajman is very less compared to other mainland

* Cost of living in Ajman is very less compared to other emirates

* Strategic and central location, easy access to the ports and two international airports.

* Ajman emirates have modernized infrastructure facilities

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