Dubai Offshore

JAFZA offshore is a type of offshore business registered by the Dubai-based Jebel Ali Free Zone. It was once the only offshore corporation that could own real estate property in Dubai. This feature makes JAFZA offshore company formation extremely popular among property owners. Offshore Jebel Ali can hold a UAE bank account. Most banks provide internet banking, which allows you to manage your account online. Some banks also provide debit cards.Business activities for JAFZA offshore business establishment are not classified or categorized. It signifies that the organization may engage in a wide range of operations.It is nevertheless advisable to combine activities and explicitly describe them; this will help when applying for a bank account.

The documents required for opening jafza offshore license are passport copy of all the shareholders along with residency proof like utility bill or telephone bill for 3 months and cv of all the shareholders. If its corporate entity all the company  documents attested along with the passport copy of shareholders.