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Are you ready to settle your full potential and achieve remarkable success in your business with our business coaching? Look no further! Our dedicated team of experienced coaches at Web & Business Support is here to guide you.

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Whether you’re just a startup or have had your business set up in Dubai for many years, our personalized guidance is a one-stop shop solution. We offer all services designed to benefit your unique business needs. Furthermore, we offer expert support in areas like business management, and strategic planning.

Our business coach based in Dubai, and is always available for both in-person meetings and virtual video calls.

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Services We Offer

Emirates Business Setup in collaboration with Web & Business Support offers each our client with a combination of customized coaching services. We prioritize your needs and ensure proper guidance. Empower Your Business Journey with our range of services:

Video Coaching Modules

Gain from 25 years of business experience through 12 comprehensive video modules.

Private Business Consulting

Personalized business solutions according to your needs while setting up your business in Dubai.

Web & SEO Support

Get website and SEO support. Learn about domain strategies and SEO techniques in video modules.

Business Setup Dubai

Experience a complete and smooth business setup in Dubai with experts, covering visas, banking, housing, and more.

Business Coaching in Dubai with Marc Geraeds!

Greetings, I’m Marc, a seasoned business coach in Dubai with over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience.

Originally from the Netherlands, I’ve successfully optimized and created companies. My expertise spans organization, sales, marketing, and team management. Additionally, I offer Video Modules for a head start in starting your Dubai business.

Maximize the potential of your business journey with our business coach, Marc. Our coach offers business setup services including:

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Mr Marc

Frequently asked Questions

Marc Geraeds, a seasoned business coach in Dubai, brings over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience to the table. Originally from the Netherlands, Marc has founded multiple companies and optimized different business operations globally.

Marc’s expertise includes various areas including organization, sales, marketing, business planning, and team management. He also excels in website development and has achieved significant success in improving search engine rankings through SEO.

Marc has offered his extensive knowledge into 12 Video Modules, providing valuable insights for starting and growing a business in Dubai. Additionally, you can book a private 20-minute business coaching consultation for personalized advice and support.

You can check all the package deals available for multiple modules at Video Modules – Web & Business Support (

Absolutely! Marc offers private business coaching consultations for 20 minutes, where you can receive advice and support for your specific business needs and goals in Dubai.
In addition to video coaching, Marc offers private customized business consultations via video chat to all the entrepreneurs needed assistance in business setup in Dubai. He also provides comprehensive web and SEO support and more.

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