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Business Trade License


Our experts will help you choosing the best type and suitable trade license for your company- including commercial, industrial, professional and tourism.
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For doing business, the first step is to get a trade license. A trade license is a primary document to start your business here in the UAE. If we consider the process of taking a trade license in Dubai, then approvals from the economic department and specified UAE government department should approve all the company formation documents within the required period. There are more chances to get confused for an entrepreneur that is just going to start his own business in Dubai with the whole process.

Emirates Business Setup is here to help you with all your business license process in Dubai and all other Emirates in the UAE. You can save time, energy, and expenses by giving us all the heavy weight. Our professional advisors will provide you with the best advice for your dream business, as we have all the services, can assist with acquiring a license, doing all the amendments and even give reminders of your license renewal. We have perfect business solutions for all kinds of businesses in the UAE.

If you want to start your own business here in the UAE, the most important thing is getting a trade license. Emirates Business Setup experts ensure you the most straightforward process for getting your trade license.

Types of business trade license UAE

Multiple business licenses fall under the trade license category in Dubai and UAE. The type of license depends on the business activities you will conduct in your business. The Department of Economic Development introduced thousands of business activities that all fall under the category of four major trade licenses in the UAE.


Commercial license

A commercial license is a trading license whereby the business plans to sell any product. The best part of this license is that you don’t require any local Emiratis for this kind of business, E.g., furniture trading or electronic trading.


Professional license

A professional license is a service-orientated license given to individuals with a specific area of expertise and educational background.Examples of professional licenses are IT consultancy or technical services.A professional license will always have a local Emirati who will also function as a local service agent, but they will never hold any shares.


Tourism license

A tourism license is about tourism related activities, like travel agency which are LLC (Limited Liability Company). As per new amendments you can take this license with or without local Emirati, but these licenses required deposit worth 1- 2 million.


Industrial license

An industrial license in Dubai is required to conduct business activities related to manufacturing companies and industries. The Department of Economic Development issues it.

Different zones for business setup in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is recognized as one of the best countries to start a business and become an entrepreneur in a short period. UAE has started giving 100% ownership to foreign expats. There are so many options to set up businesses here in UAE. Here, UAE offers different benefits for its different zones that includes three main categories of zones to choose from before starting your business such as:


free zone

Free zone company formation is today’s most popular business setup in the UAE. Free zones offer excellent business opportunities, world-class amenities, and a variety of other benefits for entrepreneurs from all over the world.


Mainland Company Formation

Mainland companies offer numerous business opportunities, allowing you to trade locally inside the UAE and on international markets. However, a mainland company formation in the UAE is accompanied by several legal requirements.


Dubai Mainland

An offshore company formation is the most accessible and affordable business setup in the UAE and can be accomplished within a brief period.Other than that, an offshore company setup’s benefits include high-level anonymity.


Obtaining a trade license here in UAE is a very straightforward process and requires only a few steps to follow:

  • First, choose your business activity or decide our business module
  • Then to decide if you don’t need office premises for initial year
  • After initial approval, choose a unique name for your company or business l
  • Then all the shareholders must sign the Memorandum of Association (MoA) and then license will be released
  • After receiving your license, then open a business bank account

There are different types of trade licenses offered in UAE, which are commercial, professional, tourism, and industrial license.

Yes, for legal proceedings of any kind of business, you must obtain a trading license here in UAE and that’s why mandatory for even small to multi-national companies or business owners to obtain a trade license before starting their businesses in UAE.

Obtaining a trade license in UAE usually requires a few days or a week. In some special cases, it might even take a month. But time duration depends upon the circumstances, including the type of business activities you will conduct and the jurisdiction that will determine how long it will take to obtain one.

The cost of trade license in UAE starts from 5,750 AED. It depends on the business activities that you are going to conduct in your company. For example, if you are taking industrial trade license then there are additional charges for storage units and warehouses must applied.

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