Cryptocurrency Services

The cryptocurrency business is gaining more popularity worldwide as most investors seek more options to grow their money and assets. The upcoming digital cryptocurrency will grow very fast in the mainstream of business operations in forthcoming years. Getting mainstream with business operations in crypto assets means allowing more Freezone companies to succeed in crypto-trading, crypto-asset handling, and other related activities. DMCC and DAFZA are offering crypto licenses to business owners who want to manage their trading and crypto assets in UAE. All kinds of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple, etc., are available under online crypto exchanges in Dubai.

Are you looking for a cryptocurrency license in UAE? Do you want to start your cryptocurrency business here in Dubai? Just do not over-stress and put your trust in Emirates Business Setup. We will help you manage your business documents and all the required paperwork. You can obtain your cryptocurrency licenses and visas quickly with the help of our specialized business advisors. You can avail the best cryptocurrency investment options as well.

Our Services

EBS offers

  • Consultation for those who are looking to start their cryptocurrency businesses in the UAE
  • Offering cryptocurrency licenses including pre-approvals from SCA (Securities and Commodities Authority) in DMCC, DIFC, and DAFZA
  • Bank account opening that supports cryptocurrency businesses in UAE
  • Buying property or investing on real estate in UAE with cryptocurrency

Documents Requirements

  1. Commercial license (Emirates ID, address of residency, Business plan, Verified company name)
  2. Passport copies of all shareholders or managers, if any.
  3. Free of fraudulent transactions and clean crypto wallet.
  4. Business of 6 to 12 months of operation.
  5. Government-approved crypto assets.


Yes, cryptocurrency is legal. But to start your business or company, you must first have a valid cryptocurrency license.

As mentioned, anyone interested and who meets the government requirements can obtain a cryptocurrency/trading license.

Most of the business activities that are carried out with a cryptocurrency license here in UAE (but not limited to) are:

  • Consultancy services for crypto mining, NFT, cryptocurrency & blockchain technology
  • Trading of crypto assets
  • Buying and selling any property after exchanging cryptocurrency
  • Managing other person’s crypto assets
  • Multilateral trading facilities of crypto assets

If you are doing cryptocurrency business, you can buy real estate using your cryptocurrency funds in Dubai. If you are interested in purchasing a villa, commercial space, or an apartment in UAE, then we will surely assist you in making the deal comes into reality.

Yes, you can open a bank account that supports cryptocurrency businesses in the UAE.

No such age restrictions on this type of license in UAE. All age groups are welcome.

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