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Business setup in Saudi Arabia

Over the years, Saudi Arabia has become a popular place of interest for almost every investor around the globe. KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is a nation in the Middle East now recognized as a promising business hub and one of the major emerging investment grounds in the world. KSA is known as one of the largest economies in the Arab world. Many foreign investors choose this perfect business platform in the Middle East.

The capital of KSA is Riyadh, where the non-oil business fragments are strengthened by the government that aims to grow more business in KSA and provoke all the foreign investors to choose Saudia Arabia over other countries to start their businesses. If you also want to start your business here in KSA, then start your journey with EBS. We will help you to draw the relevant insights before you start your investment.

­EBS Business Setup Services For KSA

EBS Business Setup Service for KSA

When we talk about a business setup, it consists of highly professional advisors who provide the best-customized business solutions by taking necessary initiatives whenever required. Emirates business setup provides you with a wide range of business formation services.

As EBS offers:

  • Business Setup advisory and consultancy

EBS takes pride in our professional advisors who assist our clients to take the winning path on their company formations and businesses in KSA and across the Middle East. Our team considers legal requirements, and all other unique needs are put forth whenever we offer consultation. We will offer expertise, accurate information and clearer insight from the government of KSA.

  • License services

In KSA, the MOC (Ministry of Commerce) regulates and licenses all professional services. So, if an individual needs a license, they must be eligible according to specific requirements and then apply for seeking a license from the Ministry of Commerce for resolution of the jurisdictional issue. For all these services, EBS is here to assist you and will take care of the complete process.

  • Banking services

Our team advises businesses on banking services with a wide range of international banks, government entities and corporations across the Middle East. We also advise on offshore and onshore bank accounts opening.

  • Accounting and auditing services

Accounting services are essential to evaluate your performance and financial stability while doing business. Also, it helps you get a clearer view of profit and loss information. Especially in KSA, the government charges taxes, so it is mandatory to maintain records of businesses in Saudi Arabia such as books, invoices and accounting documents. But, do not worry; EBS will assist you with auditing and accounting services.

  • Visa Service

We also provide professional services that include visa processing, especially for those setting up their business here in KSA who want to hire employees in KSA or all those needing legal assistance.

  • Tax and VAT (Value Added Tax) registration services

EBS will assist you in filing VAT return to comply with GAZT (General Authority of Zakat and Tax) and sending VAT return calculations to our clients for approval and review directed to the GAZT and many more related services.

Business setup in Qatar

Business setup in Qatar

Qatar is one the best-developed among gulf countries known for its established infrastructures and luxurious lifestyle. The country is also getting acknowledgment worldwide because of providing the best business opportunities, especially in its free zone areas. Every year, thousands of investors come to Qatar to do business and start their businesses from around the globe. Many investors aim to get their dream business into one of the free trade zones in Qatar. Also, the environment here in Qatar is promising, conducive, and welcoming to foreigners. Especially Qatar World Cup 2022 has opened many opportunities for foreigners to do business and invest. It has undergone exceptional growth and development in the past few years and will bring a more developed economy.

Services offered by EBS in Qatar

There is a wide range of services offered by EBS in Qatar. The essential services offered by the EBS team are as of following:

  • Company formation and registration in Qatar

EBS aids you in company formation, incorporation processes, and other services regarding company registration in Qatar. We offer end-to-end services within company formation in Qatar.

  • Visa Services

EBS also offers all types of visa services, from documentation and all the procedures involved in the visa application. The different types of visa services EBS offers:

  • All the procedures for visa applications
  • Work visas for all companies in Qatar
  • Family visit visa
  • Business visit visa 
  • Work permit visa
  • Spouses visa
  • Family residence visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Bank Account Opening

EBS offers you different services regarding bank services, including a corporate bank account, offshore bank account, and other bank account services provided to you by our EBS professional advisors.

  • Translation services

EBS also offers 100 percent accuracy when translating your documents, including legal contracts and tenders, birth and marriage certificates, medical records, agreements, educational certificates, and many more.

  • Attestation services

There are different types of attestation services provided by our EBS team, including degree certificate attestation, marriage certificate attestation, educational certificate attestations, and many more.

  • Leasing and selling services for office premises

If you need any assistance in leasing and buying your apartment or offices, then don’t get yourself worried. We have covered you all. EBS ensures you make the best choice for leasing and reserving your property in Qatar.

Business setup in Oman

Business Setup in Oman

Oman belongs to a lucrative market for promoting variety of businesses and industries. Manyl millionaire investors find Oman its ideal home for doing investments and their businesses. Oman is sharing borders with KSA, UAE, Yemen, Iran and Pakistan and that’s why known for strategical location as it is positioned at the Persian Gulf. It is one of the fastest growing economies amongst the other Arabian countries. The GDP of Oman is increasing since 2018 till now. It increased 2.3% in 2018 and then 3.5% in 2019 and so on. We can see that economy of Oman is growing in a steady path and getting better year by year. By the year 2040, it is expected 10% economic growth in Oman.

Government of Oman working diligently to establish the country with providing enormous business opportunities and trying to encourage more international investors to come and start their businesses here in Oman.

Services offered by EBS in Oman

EBS glad to announce that we offer a wide range of services related to business activities in Oman. We offer:

  • Visa Services in Oman

One of the most significant requirements of a business firm is to take the perfect talent on board when hiring employees. As a company’s foundation pillars are its people that take the company in a growing path. After registering your company, you must require visas for employment of the people that are going to work with your company and also to invest in Oman. Legal procedures familiarity does matters, cause if you are unfamiliar then the whole process will become more tiring and that’s what we help for. EBS offers visa services to help you with every step. Not only we are confined to employment visa, but we also offer other visa services too.

  • Incorporation of a branch office

Emirates Business Setup assists you to start a business in Oman. So, if you are interested in incorporating a branch office of your company in Oman, then do not worry, as our professional advisors are here to guide you through every step.

  • Bank account opening

For foreign investors, it is necessary to abide by the essentials that are stated and then presented to the concerned authorities in order to get the approval of opening a bank account in Oman. EBS provides the best solutions to our clients and assist them with establishment of their company with relevant bank accounts. Here you will get assisted for your corporate bank accounts, offshore bank accounts within the laws that are governed by the Oman’s government.

  • Account and bookkeeping

At EBS, we can be a helping hand for you to preparing of your accounts accurately, efficiently and even according to the legal requirements in Oman. Our professional advisors have expertise in handling the assigned task with great sincerity. EBS also understand the integrity of accounting and bookkeeping for setting up a business as we offer wide range of accounting and bookkeeping services in Oman.

  • Translation services

EBS also offers you perfectly translated services for all kinds of documents including contracts, mortgage Papers, any training and instruction documents, consent forms, customer communication, certificates, and intellectual property documents and many more.

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