How to start a beauty salon in Dubai?

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The United Arab Emirates is one of the most active and growing economies in the Middle East. Its nature as a financial and tourism hub attracts more and more people. Thousands of tourists visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi every year, making them the most famous cities. For example, Dubai has a large expatriate population far more than its citizens and most of its residents are enjoying high living standards. With its friendly policies toward new businesses, Dubai has become one of the best places in the world to start a new business such as a beauty salon in Dubai!

With its widely diverse population and culture, Dubai is home to many trendy people who have disposable income to spend on their image-conscious needs.

In this article, we cover everything you need to know about how to start a beauty salon in Dubai. You can receive additional information regarding the benefits, various types of salons, how to begin, and the workings of the process.

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Benefits of starting a beauty salon in Dubai

There are so many advantages to starting your business setup in Dubai. To open a new salon business in Dubai offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Demand for salon business in Dubai is very high and it is growing. There are a lot of beauty salons you can see in Dubai in every corner but still, there is plenty of room for new and differentiated salons.
  • A high demand for supplementary services across the UAE such as providing education and training in beauty care to students and beginners.
  • If you are an artist in making people look their best, Dubai is a place for you to grow and practice your beauty care skills with a demographically widely diverse population.
  • The UAE’s friendly national policy towards new business setup in Dubai, welcoming to foreign entrepreneurs, solid economic situation, and favorable tax policies are major reasons to drive your new salon business to success.

Types of beauty salon in Dubai

We can see there are many types of salon businesses in Dubai focusing on different types of customer requirements. There are mainly two types of salons: ladies’ and gents salons in Dubai. Based on their services, the types of salons are:

  • Hair Salons
  • Nail Salons
  • Spa Salons
  • Boutique Salons
  • Barbershops and many others.

Specialized nail salons offer dedicated manicure and pedicure services. Hair salons cater specifically to intricate braiding styles, hair styling, and other hair treatments. Barbershops for men provide different grooming experiences including hair cutting, beard cutting, facial treatments, and other related services.

Types of beauty salon license in Dubai

There are many types of salons in Dubai. Salon licenses include two main categories,

  • Women’s Salon License,
  • Men’s Salon licenses.

Women’s salon license offers services such as hair trimming & washing, hair coloring, hair setting & strengthening, hair removal, skin & facial treatments, and manicure & pedicure services.

A men’s salon license offers hair trimming, waving & straightening, hair removal, skin & facial treatments, hair strengthening, and foot care are some services.

Barber cutting beard of his client.

Where to start a salon business in Dubai?

You can start your new salon business either in a free zone or in Dubai Mainland but there are pros & cons you have to consider according to your requirements. With a free zone business setup, you will benefit from zero currency restrictions, customs tax exemptions, and the ability to repatriate capital and profits. However, if your business set up in Dubai Mainland, you have access to a much larger potential customer base. Incorporating within a mall or hotel premises will give your salon business an added advantage.

How to Get a Salon License in Dubai?

There are many formalities you have to go through to obtain a salon license. Our advice is to connect with a business consultant. It can reduce your burden and will confidently walk you to your destiny. If you are going to start your new beauty salon business in Dubai Mainland, the Department of Economic Development is the main governing body that regulates all types of Dubai Mainland business activities. Additional approvals are required from Dubai Municipality. The salon must operate according to its rules, regulations, and requirements.

Steps to open a beauty salon in Dubai

The steps to open a beauty salon in Dubai are as follows:

1. Reserve your trade name.

Now it is time to decide on the official business name for your brand-new beauty salon and reserve the trade name of the company.

2. Choose your business structure.

First, you have to decide whether you are opening your new beauty salon as a sole establishment or if there is more than one shareholder.

(For sole establishment, you need to register your business as a professional license where 100% of shares will be held by you. If you want to register your new beauty salon business with other partners, it should be registered as a Civil Company, and you need to get into a partnership agreement with the Notary Public where the shares will be distributed between the shareholders. Also, a local service agreement will be executed for your new business.)

3. Submit required documents.

The second step is you need to submit your passport and visa copies to the Department of Economic Development (DED) to obtain the No Objection Certificate (NOC). In case of more than one shareholder, submit copies of all shareholder’s passports and visas.

4. Sign the Memorandum of Association.

After submitting your document, you will get initial approval certificate. After that, you need to sign LSA and MoA.

5. Choose an office space.

The next step is to choose a local service agent and a business premise for your new beauty salon. As we mentioned above, there are some rules, regulations, and requirements by the Dubai Municipality for operating a salon. Your new business space must comply with these rules. It is required to get approval from the planning section of the Dubai Municipality.

6. Pay the license fees.

Submit all the required documents to the Department of Economic Development along with the trade license fee and receive it within 2 to 4 weeks.

Common requirements to open a beauty salon in Dubai

  • The location for the salon premises must be approved by the Planning Department of Dubai Municipality.
  • There must be a signboard in front of the beauty salon and sufficient lighting used in the salon.
  • Clean and proper furniture must be used in the salon which meets specified guidelines by Dubai Municipality.
  • The minimum height from the floor to the ceiling must be 2.30m. Salons must have a specific area to do additional beauty treatments such as pedicures, manicures, and hair removal.
  • Fireproof material must be used in the areas designated for the preparation of cosmetics.
  • A water heater is a must, and cupboards and drawers must be available to store cosmetics, towels, and other equipment.

Cost of opening a beauty salon in Dubai

Starting a beauty salon in Dubai includes costs starts from AED 17,000, inclusive of trade licensing fees. However, the total expenditure depends on several factors:

  • The size of your business premises.
  • Number of staff members to employ.
  • Whether you choose to operate in the mainland or a free zone.


Registering and making your new salon up & running seems to be a bit complex procedure. Here we, Emirates Business Setup team always ready to take you through this journey successfully. Our most experienced business consultants assist you in documents preparation and coordinate with you for the registration process. We offer trade licenses, office space for rent, or other business setup services to make your salon business in UAE a success. Contact us at +971585067175.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of license do I need to operate a beauty salon in Dubai?

You will typically need a trade license issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) or a relevant free zone authority.

2. Are the salon professionals certified and experienced in Dubai?

Yes, most salon professionals in Dubai are certified and experienced. They undergo training and certification programs to ensure high-quality service delivery.

3. What are the average prices for treatments like haircuts, manicures, and facials?

Prices vary depending on the salon’s location, reputation, and the specific service requested. On average, haircuts may range from AED 50 to AED 300, manicures from AED 50 to AED 150, and facials from AED 100 to AED 500.

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