GCGRA is established for gaming and UAE lottery

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The United Arab Emirates has formally established the General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority (GCGRA) as a federal authority, dedicated to implementing a global regulatory framework for commercial gaming and national lottery in the UAE.

The General Commercial Regulatory Authority will be directed by a high-credential international-level team. The team with high experience in maintaining and regulating best practices globally. The team will be aware of regulating the gaming industry with safety, effectiveness, and responsibility.

The Chairman Executive Officer (CEO) appointed for GCCRA is Kevin Mullaly. Kevin is already renowned as a respectable gaming regulator at a global level.

With more than 30 years of experience in gaming regulation both national and international, Kevin was considered for this post. However, he is now chosen for the position of the CEO of General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority in UAE.

After Kevin got appointed, he added:

“I am delighted to have been appointed as the primary CEO of the GCGRA. With my expert teammates, I look forward to establishing a strong regulatory body and framework for the UAE lottery and gaming industry.”

The Board of Directors, led by industry veteran Jim Murren, however, is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Mullally.

Mr. Murren expressed his enthusiasm, moreover, stating,

“I am pleased at the appointment of Kevin Mullally. He brings exceptional category experience and will be valuable in creating a fit-for-purpose regulatory framework for the UAE.”

The GCGRA (General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority) will be committed to establishing a socially responsible and strategic gaming system with high standards. However, the top goal will be to impose severe guidelines, to ensure compliance. Additionally, through effective coordination of regulatory activities, national licensing management, and the responsible exploration of the economic possibilities within the commercial gaming sector, GCGRA will be committed to a safe and sustainable gaming environment.

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